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Rafa Talks About A Player Likely To Leave Newcastle This Summer

Holding midfielder Mo Diame came on in the second half on Saturday to see out the win against Southampton, after Isaac Hayden was brought off with a slight injury.

Mo wants a new two-year deal to stay at Newcastle and he’s still two starts away from being offered an automatic one-year extension.

If he would stay at Newcastle for next season there’s a possibility if he plays well he could get another one-year extension next summer.

That’s what a number of the top six clubs do with players over 30 – give one-year extensions – Mo will be 32 in June.

But Newcastle will not offer him a straight two-year deal, which is really what he’s looking for.

Mo Diame – seems ready to leave Newcastle this summer

Mo has played well for us this season and he’s got the Premier League experience we need, but it’s still likely he will leave the club this summer.

Rafa was asked in his press conference after the game on Saturday about Mo and whether to start him has been a problem becasue of the clause in his contract:

“It hasn’t been an issue.”

“You can see if I need to use him, I can use him. I will not be too worried about that. We need to be sure we put on the pitch players that can win – that’s it.”

Mo has been forthcoming in the Chronicle and it looks like he’s ready to leave Newcastle if he doesn’t get the right offer this summer:

“I spoke with the club about my contract and I asked for two more years but they don’t want that.”

“We know what they want for the club, so it is difficult to get an extension here when you are over 30.”

“For me, it isn’t a problem. It is part of the job.”

“If I get the chance, I’ll stay and if not, I’ll go somewhere else.”

With Isaac Hayden and Jonjo Shelvey also possibly leaving in the summer, Rafa will need to bring in some additional central midfield players this summer.

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  • Bobbybee

    Apr 22, 2019 at 2:52 PM

    Comment #1

    We know from what HAS been said, that if Rafa stays, he wants to improve the team quite a lot. I think he fully understands that to do that he’ll need to sell a number of players in order to augment the 50 or 60 million that Chumlee has indicated is available.
    It’s fine selling players to raise that money, but that means you have to replace them with better players and that’s where Rafa’s nous will be needed.
    You’d like to think Ashley would know that and give him the free reign he wants. It’s not about how much, from what I can gather, but about how he spends it. If you hire a world class manager, surely you allow him to express himself? Ashley knows nothing about football – Chumlee even less – so why would you shackle a genius? Absolute madness.
    Still, nothing has been decided yet so we have to wait and see. If previous form is a clue it doesn’t auger too well, but we know Rafa wants to stay and if Ashley wants him to stay, as claimed, now’s his chance to prove it.
    Does anybody know when he’s back by the way? For certain. Hopefully Rafa will be his first port of call and not the casino. What a knob.


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