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This Lad Can Become Great For Newcastle United

Lee Clark knows Sean Longstaff well, and the former Newcastle player and coach says there’s a lot more to come from the 21-year-old North Shields lad.

Lee was the manager of Kilmarnock when Sean was there on loan for the second part of the 2016-2017 season so he will know him extremely well – as a person and a player.

It says something about Sean’s potential that Manchester United have been interested in signing him recently – according to reports – and most pundits said last season this lad could become a great player in the future.

He reminds us of a young Michael Carrick from Wallsend, and if he turns out anything like Michael did, then Sean will have a great career in football – and at Newcastle hopefully.

Sean Longstaff – so much potential – can he fulfill it?

Sean’s character, temperament, and mindset typify a player who can rise to the heights in the modern game of football.

And assuming he continues to have Rafa Benitez coaching him – that’s an assumption at the moment – this lad will be much better next season.

Imagine that.

Rafa Benitez has only the highest praise for Seam’s hard work and modest character and precocious play.

Here’s what Lee has said about the central midfielder in his column in Tribal Football today:

“I know him well and I know there’s a lot more to come.” 

“He’s been outstanding in his breakthrough season but for me, and I keep telling all the Newcastle fans this, there’s more to come from Sean Longstaff.”

“He can be a midfield player that can go out and get 10 goals a season.”

“I believe he is only going to get better and stronger. And it’s a great thing for the club.”

“They love to have a one of their own in the squad and I think it’s important for a club in this area that there is a group of players who are local, who know the demands of the fans and know what the club is all about.”

Appropriate words there from Lee Clark and we think he’s going to be right about Sean.

So there – I’ve said it.

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