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Ashley Must Cede To Rafa On Football Decisions – Owner Finds That Very Difficult

The negotiations are ongoing between Rafa, Lee Charnley, and Mike Ashley, and a lot of us are waiting with bated breath on the outcome of these crucial talks for the Newcastle club.

One thing Rafa is trying to do is convince the Billionaire that in some cases, we need to sign (or keep) the older players, so we have enough experience and know-how in the team.

That’s been a problem with some of Newcastle teams over the last 12 years since Ashley bought the club, becasue he has always wanted to sing young players, so they have sell-on value.

With the massive amounts of money we now receive from the Premier League every year (£123M last season) that’s not so relevant as it once was.

But things may not be as bad as we think when you look at what happened last season – a little bit of positivity (positiveness) here.

In the first 10 games of the season we picked up only 3 draws for 3 points.

But once we got going after that, in the final 28 games of the season we got 42 points which is not too bad at all.

If we had produced that kind of form over all 38 games, we would have ended up with 57 points.

There’s only one person who is a football expert of these three – he’s the guy in the middle

Wolves made 7th place with precisely 57 points but were 9 points behind 6th placed Manchester United who had a terrible (pathetic?) season given the very expensive players they have in their squad.

While it’s dangerous sometimes to do that kind of thinking it does illustrate we were a much better team in the second half of the season than the big struggle we have on those first 10 games against top opposition.

So we’re sure Rafa is well aware that our team last season was a lot better in the second half of the season when players like Sean Longstaff, Fabian Schar, Ritchie, Dummett, Ki, Perez, Rondon, Isaac Hayden, and Miguel Almiron came through for us big time.

Newcastle must be aiming at a top-eight place next season – if we can do that, it will be acceptable.

But the owner has to get off his high horse and support Rafa Benitez and get a deal done quickly – the longer this thing drags on (and on, and on) the worse it will be for the club this summer.

We are already losing time in the transfer window, and Rafa wants new players brought in quickly.

We hope Ashley and company will respect that request and finally realize that Rafa knows what he’s talking about – his world is football.

Rafa needs to be able to make the football decisions at the club and not have them overruled by an owner who has little to no football knowledge.

Who would you trust with football decisions?

Comments welcome.

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  • geordietom

    May 19, 2019 at 2:37 PM

    Comment #1

    repost …

    just hoping Fat Ash gets his arse in gear . gets Rafa’s new contract sorted this week. and a decent amount of transfer funds. get another Almiron type player in . 2 decent full backs with pace ( who can defend ). another centre forward to play along side Rondon if we sign him . a ball playing midfielder ( or 2 ) . and last but not least a goalkeeper in the Dubravka mould . then i think we should have a decent season not sitting near the bottom of the league . my thoughts on this slow sunday …

  • sing in the corner

    May 19, 2019 at 2:40 PM

    Comment #2

    Get RID of Charnley. Clueless yes bloke, just happy and feeling lucky to be in the job. Any job.


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