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Report – Rafa Talks About Kenedy’s Disastrous Season – “We’ll See What Happens”

It seems that Rafa Benitez is still an admirer of the skills of Chelsea winger Kenedy who has just had a dismal season on loan at Newcastle.

Something was wrong with Kenedy last season, and it may have been he was separated from his wife and two young children, but we’ll probably never know the real reasons.

It was probably some personal situation becasue he never seemed too interested.

His poor season started when in the second game of the season he missed a penalty at Cardiff that would have given us our first win and he never really recovered from that.

The severe criticism he took in the press for that hardly helped him – he’s just a young lad after all.

The price tag on Kenedy is said to be £30M, but nobody is going to pay that.

But in the Chronicle today that Benitez hasn’t given up on the possibility of signing Kenedy this summer, but not for anywhere near £30M.

The two have a great working relationship, and Kenedy has often said Rafa has been like a father to him, and that relationship has been there during the season.

But still, Rafa has been unable to get the best out of the young Brazilian who has the skills to become an excellent player in the future.

Kenedy with Rafa Benitez – personal reasons may have affected the Brazilian’s form

This is what the manager has said about the 23-year-old  in the Chronicle today:

“I think it’s because he did so well in his first season, we were expecting, and myself, that he’d play at the same level.”

“For different reasons he did not play at the same level. He knows that.”

“We had a lot of conversations about that. It is a pity because he has all the potential to be a very good player.”

“Now he will go back to Chelsea and we will see what is going on with him. But it’ll be very difficult to talk about him.”

“They want £30M for him so it makes no sense to have a debate – he’ll go back and we’ll see what happens.”

It appears from what Rafa says there are real reasons for his slump in form.

We know Rafa likes him a lot as a player, but there will be no loan move for him in the summer.

Mike Ashley is likely to object to any move by Rafa for the Brazilian,

As Rafa says – we’ll see what happens.

Of course, we still have to sign Rafa up before any of the summer transfer business starts, and well-run clubs like Bournemouth are already moving at top speed.

But not Newcastle.


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