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The Big Boys Are Now After One Of Our Top Targets

Dorukhan Tokoz, who over the weekend excited many with his display against France, is now a target for some of Europe’s preeminent clubs.

There is news now that after his performance against France, Juventus have become interested in the Turkish midfielder.

Apparently, the Juve scouts were at that match to watch Sassuolo defender Merih Demiral and couldn’t help but notice Tokoz.

Incidentally, Juventus does appear close to signing Demiral from Sassuolo. But now they have Tokoz on their radar as well.

Dorukhan Tokoz– may now be a bridge too far

That performance in France appears to have done wonders for Tokoz’s international profile. As it is also being reported, that Arsenal will now send scouts out to watch the player.

The most recent news is that Arsenal will watch the player today in Turkey’s Euro qualifier against Iceland.

It appears that this player is now in high demand. Besiktas could make a massive profit on a player they bought in the summer for only €750K.

The latest fee bandied about for Tokoz has reached as high as €20M. Now with Arsenal and Juventus sniffing about, Besiktas should probably hold out for more.

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  • Swanny

    Jun 11, 2019 at 1:37 PM

    Comment #81

    Robleenio the voice of reason, good onya kidda.
    I’m goona need therapy after all this false dawns.
    I appreciate your level headedness fella…

  • TyneMouth

    Jun 11, 2019 at 1:38 PM

    Comment #82

    Jib, @#79…

    Thanks for that wonderful observation.

    Very reassuring!

    (I hope Dubs doesn’t see your posting.)

  • droppy in Wallsend

    Jun 11, 2019 at 1:38 PM

    Comment #83


    As one of the takeover faithful I have a certain degree of doubt already as this is the parasite Ashley we are talking about.

    However, until it’s confirmed that the deal is 100% off I will maintain positivity and hope.

    You have your opinion and it’s totally valid.

    The facts of the whole thing are buried in the mire of speculation from so called Journalists who don’t know anything and just make things up.

    The ‘club’ have continued to add to the frustration with their nonsensical no comment rubbish and until they either confirm or deny then they only fuel the confusion.

  • Bobbybee

    Jun 11, 2019 at 2:19 PM

    Comment #84

    Wow, another day another string of BS. Face it, none of us know wtf is happening. Why people insist on coming in and telling us they know what’s happening, when I reality they don’t, I have no idea. Pure arrogance.
    If there’s not a deal going through – and I don’t know either way and won’t pretend I do – what exactly has the BZG got to gain by saying there is? What’s in it for them? Make themselves look stupid? They’d certainly do that if nothing was in the pipeline, nothing is more certain Businessmen the world over would be laughing at them.
    Granted, Ashley may be lying – no change there – but would The BZG go this far if they thought Ashley had no intention of selling? There must be penalties for pulling out of a deal this far gone, surely?
    So on the evidence thus far, either the BZG are a bunch of rank amateurs being played by Ashley – somebody they could destroy if he embarrassed them – or there is something happening and NDA’S are preventing the DETAILS being revealed.
    Do I know this? No, but I’m not privy to their private discussions – and neither is anybody else.
    There’s a huge difference between saying ‘this is what I’ve heard’ or ‘this could be happening’ and gobshites piling in with ‘I know this and I know that’. You know NOTHING Jon Snow. We’re at a point where ‘wait and see’ could not be more apt.
    Now there’s this spurious link to Chelsea. I even said a couple of weeks ago I’m pleased Rafa is unlikely to go back to Chelsea because he would be ideal with this transfer ban hanging over them, but come on, do they think he’s not a proud man? After the way Chelsea fans treated him, is he ever likely to be that desperate to go back there? The lack of respect and gratitude he got from those lowlives, why would he even consider it?
    Again, it is possible – anything is possible – but he’d lose a lot of respect both here and in Liverpool, not to mention in the world of football in general. Just my opinion, but I imagine he’d sooner retire than go back there. Not like he’s desperate to work is it? After what he’s done here, he’s got plenty credit built up and he’s not exactly skint. He was out of work for a short time before he came here and very few have another job lined up before they leave the one they’re in, not in football.
    We’re just going to have to be patient. It swings from doom n gloom to elation every other day.
    The last we heard was that forms had been submitted and they were awaiting an answer, which could take time. To alleviate stress, BZG released a short statement to that effect. This was not denied by Ashley, who couldnt care less about our feelings if he tried.
    So it wouldn’t be Ashley stringing us along this time, it would be the Sheikh – and for what purpose? He doesn’t even live here and has no current connection to football. What would he get out of mugging us off?
    We’ll know soon enough. If this is another stunt – and I don’t know how Ashley gets a Sheikh on a retainer tbh – it would be another in a long line of stunts. Will it reduce Ashley’s standing amongst us? NO!! He couldn’t get any lower in our opinion if he tried.
    Rafa’s always kept us posted. Maybe this time he can’t. But if he can’t, it’s likely because an NDA has been signed and an NDA would only be signed under certain circumstances – such as a potential takeover. And whereas he may not have been in the loop, as just an employee, I can’t imagine he hasn’t sought clarification since.
    Be patient for a short while longer. No point getting stressed about things you have zero control over after all.


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