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Sky Sports – Avram Grant In Line For Newcastle Appointment Or Maybe Not

Sky Sports reported today that former Chelsea and West Ham manager Avram Grant is under consideration for a position at Newcastle. Then in the next sentence of the report they say another source refutes this claim.

So we are not sure what to make of this report. If he is up for a director position, that would not be the worst news of the day. Well, we’d be hard pressed to find any news worse than the club’s announcement.

Avram Grant could be a decent appointment as a Director of Football. It would alter and ultimately limit the role of Lee Charnley, who has the leadership skills of a midge stuck on a windshield flapping its smudged wings and flailing its crumpled legs in a failed attempt to escape said windshield. But we are being a bit harsh on the midge.

Avram Grant as a Director of Football with a decent manager who is given a larger transfer budget (they gave Steve McClaren £80M when that meant something) is something to cling on to. Isn’t it?

They’ll have to do something different. Rafa Benitez is what saved this club. He is gone. A new plan, a new approach, something has to be done or we’ll be resuming the Tyne-Wear derby in League One come 2021-22 (Yes, they’ll still be there).

Oh look, Keith Downie with Sky Sports has given an update:

Oh ok. So no plan. Carry on then.