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West Brom Claims Newcastle Still Want Rondon

West Brom’s Technical Director Luke Dowling has some interesting comments in the Daily Star this morning.

He apparently believes that Newcastle are still interested in the permanent transfer of Salomon Rondon.

Here is what Luke Dowling has said:

“We’re quite happy to say that we will sell Salomon. We don’t want a player that’s had a season like that staying around with us and walking away on a Bosman.

“Salomon has had the taste of Newcastle.

“He went back to a Premier League club and if he plays in England that’s where he wants to be.

“As we understand it Newcastle still have an interest in him.”

The report is adamant that these comments were made despite Rafa Benitez’s departure yesterday.

This would be quite the story if Newcastle did acquire Rondon as it was widely believed that Mike Ashley’s refusal to sanction transfers for players over 26 was one of the main reasons Rafa is no longer at Newcastle.

Salomon Rondon will be 30 in September and we just can’t see a Mike Ashley run club shelling out over £15M for a player this age. The fee would have to be drastically reduced.

We would also have to wait and see what comes out in terms of the particulars of Rafa leaving yesterday. It appears that Mike the Ashley and Benitez relationship has grown toxic.

To spite Rafa Benitez, we can imagine Mike Ashley doing anything. He may even try to turn Newcastle into a great club just to get under Rafa’s skin. Highly unlikely but who knows with this guy.

We also feel for Salomon Rondon who may have delayed other good opportunities in the hopes of joining Rafa Benitez and Newcastle United permanently this summer.

Will he want to come back to a club that has treated a beloved manager so poorly? We doubt it but I guess football is a business.

However, we don’t see this one happening.