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Ashley To Go Back In Time – Failed Policies Back In Vogue – How Can We Ever Succeed?

From what we are being told in the local papers Newcastle will go back in time to adopt the head coach role – that’s the way the club was run before Rafa came in and made all the right changes at the club – but now he is gone – forever.

So the powers that be – those football brains like Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley – have decided in their wisdom – to revert back to their old model – which has never ever been successful.

But that system allowed them to fiddle with things and control the transfers about who comes into the club – and it will again be players under 26.

The head coach will have even less say than Rafa did – which seems to be what Ashley wants – he wants to continue to retain a tight financial hold on the club and ensure we cannot become a successful club under his disastrous reign.

Costs too much of the club’s money?

The problem with buying young players in the past is that we have lacked real experience in the team and we keep waiting for the young players to blossom, and few of them have ever done that.

If only Rafa could have stayed, we could have moved forward, and Rafa would have had more money to spend this season than ever before under the miserly owner.

But that’s now water under Tyne bridge, and we are currently looking for someone to take over from the great Rafa Benitez – a thankless task indeed.

I will never forgive Mike Ashley for the stupidity and ego he has shown in letting Rafa Benitez leave the club.

We wanted to keep Rafa and have the owner leave the club, so air could be breathed back into the club.

Unfortunately, it now is on life-support with the clowns still in charge of the club.

Mike Ashley – miserly owner to return to his former system

Remember where we were four years ago – Steve McClaren had taken over from caretaker manager John Carver, and the club (not McClaren) brought in the players they wanted.

We spent quite a bit of money that summer.

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We ended up being relegated in May 2016 because basically the man Lee Charnley selected as the next manager – Steve McClaren – didn’t have a clue and was over his head from the first game on.

He had been fired from Championship club Derby County about two weeks before Charnley appointed him as “the perfect coach for Newcastle” – his words – not mine.

Not many managers get such a quick promotion for doing such a poor job in their previous assignment – only at Newcastle.

And with silence on the takeover front over the last few weeks and competing narratives from the club and BZG about what the truth is about any potential takeover – the bet is that Ashley has decided not to sell.

What – again?

And he cannot complain this time about not getting a decent bid with the local journalists explaining that while a fee of £350M has been agreed with Ashley – no formal bid for that amount has been made.

The question we would have there is – why not?

So Ashley cannot say he didn’t get a reasonable offer this time – and it will be interesting what excuse he makes this time around.

Maybe he should just tell the truth and say he doesn’t want to sell the club and then the local journalists from reporting the opposite is true.

One school of thought it that Ashley has never changed his mind and has never really wanted to sell and lose that word-wide publicity for his Sports Direct business.

My view on this is that he has crossed a red line this time by pushing out one of the best managers we have ever had in Rafa  Benitez – and certainly one of the most popular.

There’s no way this man can retain control of Newcastle, and he must now sell.

Somehow the fans have to force the man out – and we realize that’s much easier said than done – given our past experience in trying to get rid of him.

Ashley’s a drain on the space at Newcastle United, and he has no ambition for the club – other than to hang on to a Premier League place while spending as little money as he can.

He has to go.

Comments always welcome.

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  • NUFCmagpie

    Jul 6, 2019 at 8:42 PM

    Comment #81

    I really hope people boycott the games. Ashley needs to leave whatever means necessary. Kinda surprised no pissed off fans have kicked the shit out of him. A couple black eyes and some broken ribs might incentivize him to leave.

  • onmeedsun

    Jul 6, 2019 at 10:30 PM

    Comment #82

    If there is a takeover it needs to happen before 15/7 to allow like of me to renew our season tickets before they go on general release. If it’s all bollocks then the way I feel I want the club to be so damaged that FCB has to sell at a much lower price to avoid his precious brand to be tarnished. Problem is he never has to sell as he doesn’t need the money. He won’t be writing debt off and giving club away like Ellis Short or Lerner. FCB would just let us stew in Div 1. So best chance of getting rid of him is now whilst we are in Prem and we are not sitting on nil points from first 10 games.


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