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New Signing Speaks Of Disappointment And Looking Forward To Norwich

Allan Saint-Maximin has spoken after today’s game about his debut and also about what to expect in the coming season. The Newcastle United homepage has published an article based on Allan’s comments.

Here is some of what our new forward has said about this game.

“I’m disappointed because we wanted to win this game. We did a lot of things and had a lot of occasions to score, but we played against a very good team – we have to know that.

I think we did a good job, and in football sometimes, you do everything and you don’t score, and sometimes you have one occasion and you don’t score.

“I think it’s what happened today. Arsenal didn’t have a lot of occasions – they maybe had five occasions, Aubameyang got one and scored directly. Joelinton had a lot of occasions, Shelvey too with a good shot.

“We did a good job, but the goalkeeper did good things. We’re really disappointed.”

“Sometimes you score directly, and sometimes you don’t score and after, it’s more difficult.

“It’s about this game – we played against a good team with very good players and we lost only 1-0. I hope everything will be better against Norwich.”

This result was down to Arsenal taking advantage of their few chances while Newcastle failed to do so. It’s time to get back to work for Steve Bruce and the lads. We hope they can identify what went wrong and what worked in today’s game and implement some changes for the game at Norwich City on Saturday.

Allan also spoke about his reception from the fans on his debut and he seems determined to repay them with future performances. However, he also seems to have the right attitude about coming off the bench for the time being.

“It was really good. They are amazing fans and I want to do everything for the fans. You see when I came on the pitch and everybody shouting. I want to score and I want to make assists.

“I know and the fans know in this game it’s difficult to show what you have to show, but I think it’s a good (challenge) for every player. We have to do better things against Norwich to win.

“I need more time to show what I have to show, but first I have to stay in the bench and come a little bit and play a little bit – it’s what I have to do. I have to work hard in training to be in the 11 and maybe do better things.”

Allan has also tweeted the following to the fans.

We were happy with what we saw from Allan Saint-Maximin today. There is a lot of potential in this team for sure. The talent is here and it’s up to Steve Bruce and his staff to make sure they get the best out of this squad.

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  • Jail for Ashley

    Aug 11, 2019 at 9:38 PM

    Comment #81


    Final League Position 17h
    Final No. of Points 34
    League Cup Round first hurdle
    FA Cup Round 3
    Player of the Season (Blog) Schar
    Top Goal Scorer (League & Cup) Joelinton
    No. of Goals for Top Goal Scorer 7

  • danishmag

    Aug 11, 2019 at 9:40 PM

    Comment #82


    Position… 20th
    Points… 25
    League cup/ FA cup… out in first or second game played in both cups
    Player of the season.. Dubravka
    Top goal scorer.. Ritchie
    Number of goals.. 6

  • DubaiMicky

    Aug 11, 2019 at 9:41 PM

    Comment #83


    Final League Position 13
    Final No. of Points 45
    League Cup Round 4
    FA Cup Round 3
    Player of the Season (Blog) Dubravka
    Top Goal Scorer (League & Cup) Joelinton
    No. of Goals for Top Goal Scorer 13

  • MarkBro

    Aug 11, 2019 at 9:48 PM

    Comment #84

    I reckon rafa would of physically spewed watching our shape in the 2nd half.

    What was Bruce thinking.

    We’ve got some good player, just need organising. This is where it gets scary, bruce organising…

  • danishmag

    Aug 11, 2019 at 9:53 PM

    Comment #85

    You guys..
    After what we all saw today..

    13th spot, 12th spot..
    top scorer with 14 goals, 13 goals..

    What on earth makes you so optimistic?
    We played against a reserve team, and still lost!

    The position in the table, that we are in now, is going to be the highest of the season.
    After another defeat at Norwich, i guess you will all realise how much Rafa did for us.

    It was obvious, that a lot of the players, who played with Premier League class under Rafa, didn’t do that today..

    Some players looked lost, and lacked belief.. and Then they looked out on the bench..
    The players i am talking about are Manquillo, Longstaff, Hayden among others..
    Yes also Hayden, who i thought looked slow and not on the same level as last year..
    Okay he had som very good defensive actions, but he gave the Ball away again and again.. as did Ritchie..

    What a shitty performance today..
    In my 28 years of supporting this club, i have never felt so empty after the opening game of the season. I feel worse, than i the previous relegation season really.

  • Tuttelbom

    Aug 11, 2019 at 10:57 PM

    Comment #86

    We didnt look too bad in 1 half.
    Second was shambles, thats true. I doubt that Bruce will have another bench without a recognized mf again, which prob means lots of opportunities for the younger Longstaff.

    I wouldnt worry too much about Joelinton and Maxi as they have qualities which was there to see in glimpses.
    It was just too bad that they was starving for feeding.
    For long periods it didnt seem like we could put a string of 2 passes together. That was the really worrying thing.
    Especially Miggy did try stuff above his lvl and Schar had an offday, while Dummett nor Lascelles never has been any experts delivering the ball.
    Once they keep things easier I think we will be allright. Ki should have been on the pitch at some point today. He has those qualities to keep the ball flowing.
    So it was a big miss not to include him. Both in the starting lineup, and especially on the bench.

  • Tuttelbom

    Aug 11, 2019 at 11:03 PM

    Comment #87

    Oh, and dont slag off Jetro Willems too fast.
    He did a major error today, but to be honest it was a rly bad pass from Dummett. And that marking from Lascelles was truly bad.
    Give him a few games before u write him off.

  • IrishRob

    Aug 12, 2019 at 2:54 AM

    Comment #88

    #4….. Thanks Munster, at least one of us was gutted!! Lol


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