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Report – Newcastle Tracking Sixteen-Year-Old English Right-Back

Luke Matheson is a 16-year-old right-back who plays for Rochdale in League One. Matheson broke into the Rochdale first-team last season and became the club’s youngest player at 15 years and 336 days. He ended the season making 7 total appearances.

This season he has 6 appearances with 3 of those being starts in the League. Last night, Matheson scored the leveler against Manchester United in the Carabao Cup for his first goal.

The Chronicle have a report that Newcastle have been tracking the youngster since last season when he made his debut for Rochdale.

Newcastle have reportedly been looking to add talented youngsters to the academy. Apparently, Matheson is one of the players they have been tracking. His profile has gotten a little more prominent after last night’s goal at Old Trafford.

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  • Jib

    Sep 26, 2019 at 6:49 PM

    Comment #1

    No bus tonight
    More like a high-speed train

  • JohnJ

    Sep 26, 2019 at 7:02 PM

    Comment #2


    The Wife

    It’s a shame that we can’t have Thumbs up or Thumbs down on the blog.

    I think that when someone is really out of line the Thumbs down may make them think again about what to write on the blog. Some stuff is really beyond the pale at times so to speak.

  • JohnJ

    Sep 26, 2019 at 7:03 PM

    Comment #3

    ’tis true Jib. Ha Ha

  • Spellcheck

    Sep 26, 2019 at 7:11 PM

    Comment #4

    Pretty sure we’ve got enough right backs on our books. A silky midfield maestro is what we need. Not lazy arse Shelvey. Hope Joelintoon can get some goals sooner or later or he’s going to be seen as an expensive failure, which would be a shame for the lad. I’m no fan of Bruce, his record speaks for itself and what we’ve witnessed this season so far, unless we get very lucky ( for example versus Spurs ) we’re doomed.

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Sep 26, 2019 at 7:22 PM

    Comment #5


    I owe you an apology, I inadvertently only copied only part of one of your comments yesterday where you seemed to be admitting to be a fervent supporter of the nice Mr Ashlie and I asked if you were the real mole on the blog.

    It just highlights I suppose the way people can be wrongly labelled when comments are cherry picked.

    I hope you weren’t too offended by my error.

    As to you being an Ashlie mole I can only surmise as to whether this is true or not, It’s not for me (or anyone else) to make a judgement of an unproven allegation of that nature about a fellow blogger!

    Once again my humblest apologies!

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Sep 26, 2019 at 7:25 PM

    Comment #6

    Yeah, lazy arse Shelvey running his guts out for the team still carrying a long term injury, we should send him to the knackers yard!!

  • geordietom

    Sep 26, 2019 at 7:32 PM

    Comment #7


  • geordietom

    Sep 26, 2019 at 7:37 PM

    Comment #8

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  • Jail for Ashley

    Sep 26, 2019 at 7:51 PM

    Comment #9

    Ffs geordietom,
    That last bus moved just so people didn’t have to scroll for 30 secs to get past your post. I knew you learning to copy and paste would begin the ruination of this blog!!

  • geordietom

    Sep 26, 2019 at 7:54 PM

    Comment #10

    jail …

    you been eating alphabet soup your coming out with tons of new words …


  • MagpieRanger

    Sep 26, 2019 at 7:55 PM

    Comment #11

    16 years old? That sounds right up Ashley’s street… Sure he’ll offer him an apprenticeship wage.

  • geordietom

    Sep 26, 2019 at 7:56 PM

    Comment #12

    jail …

    you do like to exaggerate 30 seconds your lappy /phone /tablet working on gas ?…

  • DubaiMicky

    Sep 26, 2019 at 7:58 PM

    Comment #13

    Lawrenson “their best result so far this season came on the road, with their win at Spurs.”

    No shit sherlock, it’s been our ONLY result this season!

  • geordietom

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:00 PM

    Comment #14

    jail and your Industrial language is getting worse you would think you work off shore …


  • No 1 fan

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:01 PM

    Comment #15

    If we don’t win this weekend, then I think Bruce will get the sack.

  • MagpieRanger

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:02 PM

    Comment #16

    Micky, any whispers from your neck of the woods?

  • geordietom

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:08 PM

    Comment #17

    No 1 fan …

    on sunday it will Bruce’s 7th game in charge i recon Ashley will give him 10 games , but i would love him to get the sack this week WHO would/could we get in to sort things out me i dunno mate , dunno if anyone decent would come to us at the mo if i’m honest …

  • RobLeenio

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:08 PM

    Comment #18

    How man, Geordie Tom. Yez’re off ya nappa, ye, like. Gan n hoy off them snide Rockies and chill with your peeve n’that.

    Puar belta that post, like.

  • geordietom

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:08 PM

    Comment #19

    magpie ranger …

    only george michael …

  • geordietom

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:10 PM

    Comment #20

    rob …

    at least someone liked it mate …

    bit of geordie can dee nay wrang bonny lad …

  • Jail for Ashley

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:13 PM

    Comment #21

    Aye 30 secs was a bit OTT, a milder exaggeration would have been about ten secs, my apologies.

  • RobLeenio

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:15 PM

    Comment #22

    Way aye bonny lad

  • geordietom

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:21 PM

    Comment #23

    jail …

    i scrolled it in 6 seconds mate , i done a test run thought i had broke the blog …

  • geordietom

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:29 PM

    Comment #24

    all these geordie words remind me of them blokes who were doing ” The Geordie Hakka ” which was doing the rounds a couple of years back …


  • Australian Pie

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:30 PM

    Comment #25

    Got FIFA 20, Joelinton has been banging them in as has Almiron and St Max, good omen for the weekend

  • cockneymafiaout

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:33 PM

    Comment #26


    Yeah, plenty of right backs on the books that are not good enough.

  • cockneymafiaout

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:34 PM

    Comment #27

    @Australian Pie

    I’m shocking on the new FIFA. But I have been woeful on it since FIFA 14.

  • geordietom

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:35 PM

    Comment #28

    australian pie…

    i’ve got a cousin lives Victoria …

    emigrated in the early 60s…

  • Jail for Ashley

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:36 PM

    Comment #29

    Just doing my FF updates via the BBC scores and fixtures and seen that top knot w@nker came on for Villa at the weekend. One of my favourite recent memories at SJP was when he returned here (after being conveniently suspended when Forest came back) scoring a comical own goal, even the Platinum and East stand joined in, 50K singing Henry Lansbury is a w@nker at the top of their voices, there’s no way he could have not heard it 😀

  • cockneymafiaout

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:42 PM

    Comment #30

    @No1 Fan

    Personally think it is too soon to sack him. Don’t think he should have got the job in the first place but to sack him now would be harsh.

    Also have to wonder who we would be able to get in as a replacement? I have a bad feeling Tony Pulis could be called upon.

  • Jail for Ashley

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:49 PM

    Comment #31

    Pulis isn’t worth 10M and that’s what anyone coming would want, it’s only FSA that can save us now.

  • toon22

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:52 PM

    Comment #32

    Doubt anyone will want the job
    It’s toxic

    They will inherit a poor squad , a terrible owner and a disillusioned crowd

  • cockneymafiaout

    Sep 26, 2019 at 8:55 PM

    Comment #33

    @Jail for Ashley

    What game and what incident was it again with Lansbury? I remember he was acting a right dick against us one match and I remember thinking he was a mackem in disguise.

  • Jail for Ashley

    Sep 26, 2019 at 9:13 PM

    Comment #34

    In the first game against Forest when we’d hit a bit of a bad spell, we had two men sent off which were later over ruled and his diving and prancing had caused both of them, I think he even missed a pen, it was one of the worst cases of cheating I’ve ever witnessed in a game of football, not as high profile but way worse than the hand of gawd in 86 but disgraceful, we nearly held on for the draw, he celebrated like he’d won the league when the game finished. We couldn’t wait to see him back at ours which was late December if I remember rightly which we narrowly won, the footer never turned up. We couldn’t believe our luck when he signed for Villa in the January and managed to make the starting eleven for Villa, he’d gotten a hard time throughout the game but when he scored that own goal the place just erupted, it was pure comedy gold and will stay in the memory for a long time.

  • cockneymafiaout

    Sep 26, 2019 at 9:16 PM

    Comment #35

    Jail for Ashley

    He turned us down this summer didn’t he? At least according to himself.

    So that begs the question, who would be willing to come to Newcastle United right now and could save us?

  • cockneymafiaout

    Sep 26, 2019 at 9:18 PM

    Comment #36

    Jail for Ashley

    Yes I remember now! hahaha that game was quality. Been a while since there was a buzz about the place like that.

  • Jail for Ashley

    Sep 26, 2019 at 9:33 PM

    Comment #37

    He turned us down as a 2/4M a year manager willing to work under the idiotic constraints imposed by Lee Churnley/Ashley but a 6M + 2/4M bonus might be much more appealing to him, realistically he’s the only one I can see saving us this season.

  • cockneymafiaout

    Sep 26, 2019 at 9:54 PM

    Comment #38

    Jail for Ashley

    Suppose you are right, it all comes down to how much money you offer them at the end of the day.

  • lochinvar

    Sep 26, 2019 at 10:01 PM

    Comment #39

    Managers job – aux contraire
    It might just be that there is some dynamic, modern minded, football savvy manager out there who would relish the job with some very good players and an amazing fan base.They would have the respect of the players who would then turn in performances the like you’ve not seen so far.

    Just can’t think of their names at the moment

  • MagpieRanger

    Sep 26, 2019 at 10:01 PM

    Comment #40

    Big Sam is another manager from the list who has mugged off by Ashley. He’d never come back. I’m amazed Ashley/Charnley even had the nerve to ask him! I’d rather SA than Steve Bruce any day of the week.

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