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Newcastle Coach Reveals That Striker Is Expected To Play While On Loan

Elias Sorensen’s stats for League 2 Carlisle do not make good reading for Newcastle fans who have hopes that we have a gem in the ranks. Since moving on loan on August 16th, Elias has played just one entire match. And that was against Wolves U-23s in the EFL Trophy.

His only league start saw him hauled off at half-time because Carlisle manager Steven Pressley decided to go to Route One tactics since Elias had seen so little of the ball. The likely only reason for the start was because it was against Scunthorpe and Carlisle’s number one striker Olufela Olomola is on loan from there and was ineligible to play.

Other than those two less than stellar starts, it’s been late game cameos for the 20-year-old Dane. In total, Sorensen has played in 8 games with no goals or assists in just 240 minutes. That’s likely not what the club had in mind when they sent Elias to Carlisle despite there being other clubs in contention for him.

Elias Sorensen– likely to remain at Carlisle despite limited appearances

The Shields Gazette sought out Jon Colman, who is a writer for the News & Star, for some answers on why Sorensen has not hit the ground running at the League 2 club.

One of the areas Colman was probed on was why Elias wasn’t featuring for manager Steven Pressley. When asked what Pressley’s thoughts of Elias were, Colman gave the following answer:

“Sorensen was among Pressley’s top striker targets in the summer and was pleased to have landed him. He believes he has strong potential as a finisher but has openly admitted he needs work in order to improve his fitness and fulfil his potential.

Pressley has pointed out that several of his young signings do not have a long CV of first-team football and Sorensen can be included in this category. This early into the campaign, then, the manager is likely to show patience.”

Colman was also asked if he thought Elias would be recalled anytime soon due to his lack of starts. This is how Colman responded:

“Too early to say; Carlisle will want to give him time, and Pressley said there has been no suggestion from Newcastle that they might recall Sorensen.

“If he reaches December still on the fringes then you wouldn’t be surprised if the conversation changed, but just now the emphasis is on working with Sorensen and trying to develop him into someone who can make his mark on Carlisle’s attack.”

The Chronicle have spoken to Newcastle Under-23 manager Neil Redfearn about Sorensen’s loan spell at Carlisle. These are Redfearn’s thoughts on the situation:

“It is an important year for him, it’s his second loan. So it’s important from that point of view. From our point of view and the club’s we just want him to play. We wanted him to go in there and play.

“But it’s like everything else, as soon as you get in that first team environment you have to be playing well enough to get picked. He needs to fight his way back into the side. Maybe this spell where he’s out of it is a good experience for him. He’ll learn to fight.

“It’s different at the Under-23s with Newcastle, he’s a big fish in a little pond as far as reserve team football is concerned. But you go to a first team environment he has other strikers in front of him and he’ll have to fight his way in.

“Obviously, he’s a top player and only a young kid, so it will be a good experience for him.”

It is still early for Elias and he can’t just be gifted a starting spot if it’s not deserved. It’s up to the 20-year-old to put his head down and force his way into the team. He seems to have had some fitness issues that the manager is working on correcting. That should help Elias for future selections.

He finds himself behind two other loan players in Scunthorpe’s Olofela Olomola and Leicester City’s Ryan Loft. It also doesn’t help whe first choice striker Olomola is getting the job done as the starter.

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