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This Leader Is ‘Over The Moon’ For Youngster

Captain Jamaal Lascelles made sure he got a moment with Matty Longstaff after his strike against Manchester United. It was also Jamaal who hoisted Matty into the air when he scored in pre-season against St Etienne.

Jamaal Longstaff has spoken to Sky Sports about the youngster and how thrilled he is for the 19-year-old.

“I’m buzzing for him since he’s come into the squad. Everything we do, he is up for it. He’s fit, he works hard and always gives extra.

“The hard work has recently paid off, he’s been thrown into the deep end like his brother. What you do know is that he is a young Geordie lad who is going to roll his sleeves up and play with his heart.

“Straight after the Leicester game we needed players to be like that, he was a prime example of what you can get from that. His goal got us the three points, I’m over the moon for him.”

“You see all these big teams signing players for millions of pounds from overseas and everywhere else, Matty was not long ago training down with the reserve team.

“He’s just come up through the ranks and grabbed a first-team spot with two hands. He’s humble, a very nice genuine lad. It must mean the world to him.”

We noticed the genuine happiness on the faces on his teammates after the goal. It was like the magnitude of the moment had gripped them. One thing it showed is the genuine affection they have for Matty Longstaff.

Whether is was DeAndre Yedlin’s beaming smile or Jamaal Lascelles hanging around that extra second to embrace the youngster, what we saw was a lad who the players seem to really enjoy being around.

It was brought to light even more at the end of the game when new signing Emil Krafth almost suffocated Matty at the final whistle. Emil had been dropped for the game and had just come on not three minutes before. However, he was so happy for his young teammate. That speaks volumes of what type of a lad the young midfielder is.