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Colombian Striker Priced Out Of January Move To NUFC

Newcastle were linked with Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos late last May through Colombian outlet Donbalon.

At the time it the fee touted for the Colombian was in the £20m range. However, Morelos has improved on last season’s form with 22 goals in 26 appearances in all competitions.

Last season he bagged 30 goals in his 48 games. While the goal-scoring totals are eye-popping, Morelos also has his hands in creating chances for his teammates. The 6-time capped international has contributed 26 assists in his 117 total appearances for Rangers along with his 70 goals.

Morelos signed for Rangers on an initial three-year deal from HJK Helsinki in June 2017 for £1m. However, he signed an extension to 2023 in March of last year.

Alfredo Morelos– Rangers not likely to part with star striker

The Shields Gazette have noted that Newcastle are the bookies’ favorites to buy Morelos this January with odds at 6/1.

However, there is a report in the Daily Express with quotes from Rangers chairman Dave King that categorically rules out a winter move for the 23-year-old.

This is what King said about his star striker:

“I see no chance of that. And I say that because I’m certainly encouraging the manager not to sell him any price.

“I think, for us, it’s more important to win the league title. So, if someone comes along and offers even an obscene amount of money, my suggestion would be not to take it – and the manager doesn’t want to.

“I see no chance of Morelos being sold, no matter what happens. We need him to compete for the title and I would be extremely uncomfortable, no matter what the money was, at letting Morelos. It’s fair to say it will not happen.”

Manager Steven Gerrard has backed up the claims from his chairman in the Scottish Sun saying that Morelos would not be sold even if a £50m bid came in for him.

The Colombian has curbed his terrible disciplinary record from last season in which he received 5 sending offs. He has yet to be sent off this season despite already appearing in 26 games in all competitions.

With Rangers only trailing Celtic in the Scottish Premiership on goal difference, it will be very difficult for any club to bring Morelos on board this winter.

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    Unless Morelos submits a transfer request, sulks and his form dips – never say never to large sums of money.

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