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Steve Bruce Cites Two Areas Of Concern After Palace Defeat

It has become quite evident that Steve Bruce has to make some drastic changes to this system. Newcastle just have nothing to offer in the final third.

When you combine that with a weak midfield and a defense that has become far too open, you get thoroughly outplayed by a team that hadn’t won in eight games.

This was another performance that was lacking in all areas, and it falls directly on the shoulders of the head coach to find some solutions.

Steve Bruce spoke after the dismal 1-0 defeat to Crystal Palace. The Chronicle have published much of his post-match comments.

Bruce may have finally come to the conclusion that a change may be necessary. He said the following about possibly making a change after seeing his team be second-best all afternoon:

“The better team won, we have had decent possession, but we gave the ball away too cheaply, especially when in good areas.

“We didn’t ask questions, maybe it is a time to change – we have to score to win a game.

“It was difficult with the conditions, but we have no complaints saying the better team won.”

This was a match that Newcastle needed a result from. They also needed to show a reaction from last week’s performance against Arsenal in the second half.

That didn’t happen, and once again, Newcastle came out of the break and were dominated by their opponents. It was another game that ended in a whimper with no rousing charge for an equalizer to end the game.

Bruce spoke about a couple of areas where he was most disappointed in the lads. For anyone who watched the game, it’s not hard to figure out what that was.

“We are disappointed that the big Achilles heel was obvious, giving the ball away so cheaply, especially in the final third.

“We never really asked their defenders to defend properly, and maybe it is time to change and look at something different. Our final ball and our final cross has been lacking.”

Newcastle were sloppy in possession and bereft of quality in the final third. But for Martin Dubravka and Crystal Palace also being wayward in front of goal, this could have been another onslaught.

The head coach did commend his team for not giving up, which they didn’t. However, that does little good when you can’t score a goal. Newcastle had just two shots on target, and both were from long range.

Bruce spoke about the trouble creating quality chances and how that was such a problem today.

“The one thing they didn’t do was give up, and that’s not a problem. But we have to have more of a threat to win matches in the Premier League.

“Arsenal and Palace away, both are not easy games, but we didn’t cause enough problems in the final third, and that’s what we have got to try and address.”

It was like a broken record watching Newcastle this afternoon. They were sloppy in possession and created nothing in front of goal. At least Steve Bruce recognizes that. Now it’s up to him to get it sorted out before we drift further into trouble.

Who Was Newcastle's Best Player At Crystal Palace?

  • Martin Dubravka (79%, 1,121 )
  • A. Saint-Maximin (9%, 133 )
  • Valentino Lazaro (3%, 45 )
  • Joelinton (2%, 30 )
  • Dwight Gayle (1%, 19 )
  • Fabian Schar (1%, 15 )
  • Miguel Almiron (1%, 13 )
  • Sean Longstaff (1%, 10 )
  • Federico Fernandez (1%, 9 )
  • Matt Ritchie (1%, 9 )
  • Nabil Bentaleb (0%, 6 )
  • Danny Rose (0%, 5 )
  • Jamaal Lascelles (0%, 4 )

Total Voters: 1,419

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112 comments so far

  • Mad Frog Boom 22

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:28 PM

    Comment #81

    …hey hey…some respect! Support Toon22 #truth #voiceofhope #boycott #saveusashley

  • IrishRob

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:30 PM

    Comment #82

    There is one area of concern and it ain’t the players Schteve!

  • droppy in Wallsend

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:30 PM

    Comment #83


    Well that would be good for football at least.

    Wouldn’t affect us as we don’t play any.

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:31 PM

    Comment #84

    I thought that the ref was letting the CP players off when they were climbing all over our defenders in the box, wasn’t the worst ref we’ve had but I thought they got more from him than we did.

  • Anglo Saxon

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:31 PM

    Comment #85

    Essex if you had 1 television and 20 viewers watching the same footy game took them one at a time and analysed each one you would get 20 different views mate. so yeh whatever turns you on.

  • Charlie in the Gallowgate

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:34 PM

    Comment #86

    Bruce has done my heed in in the last week
    After the Arsenal game stated he had to change things – keeps the same team
    Mentions the Wolves game how we played two up front with Gayle being fit works for twenty minutes until he went off then leaves Gayle on the bench today
    – why not today
    Unless you are not picking the team
    Maybe one of Rafas fillings out was the management were trying to pick his team
    Don’t know what the hell is going on but we are up to our necks in shite.

  • droppy in Wallsend

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:34 PM

    Comment #87

    I think I had the best view of the game today.

    Didn’t see it

  • Do One Dinosaur

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:34 PM

    Comment #88

    Reading through the comments on this article there’s mention of both dinosaurs and somebody “doing one”. Good. There’s also lots of references to flushing…. sorry can’t help with that.

    With respect to the game, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an inept central pairing of Bentaleb and Longstaff. I had the feeling that initially Bentaleb was saying to Longstaff “see that pass – it was sh1t”, and Lonstaff ended up responding “Hold my beer…” going on to trump him.

    CM is the area we have the most options and just feels like a whole bunch of shapes and wrong types of wholes.

    Shelvey used to be stand out player for Swansea even though he lacks what should be a basic skill for a CM, i.e. he can’t tackle. Leon Britton used to do all of the dirty work then laying the ball off the Shelvey who find the killer pass. Maybe the ideal is to have Bentaleb or Hayden play that role alongside him.

    It is very worrying that the forward threat is none existent, our midfield cannot retain or pass the ball, and the defence often seem happy to let the opposition through to take a pot shot at the under siege Dubravka.

    I’m really annoyed tonight Raaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggghhh !!!

  • Anglo Saxon

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:37 PM

    Comment #89

    Droppy lucky you, wife says I must stop watching Newcastle the language is terrible.

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:37 PM

    Comment #90


    Surely we can agree to differ without the sarcasm. I understand why many have said he had a bad game but I do genuinely believe he was OK today, not brilliant but he was putting in a lot of effort.

    I’ve said that I think he shouldn’t be an automatic starter and can’t see why he is but he was far from the worst player on our side today.

  • bettyswallocks

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:38 PM

    Comment #91

    Munster……..If I remember correctly , you were one of the Brucie apologists who said he was doing comparatively as well if not better than Rafa and that we should be satisfied with his efforts.

    If you can’t see that the results have been more down to luck, team spirit and Rafa’s legacy rather than good management, then I don’t know what you’ve been watching.I haven’t been critical of Bruce other than his appointment until now but I honestly can’t see that he will miraculously find a solution to our hopeless forward play.

  • investinyouthtoon

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:39 PM

    Comment #92

    Lesh on prev article re MA. Very true that we have one man who has claimed that he should be no where near owning a football club and is a willing seller and will sell to somebody who can take the club forward. However, imo if he fails to sell this time and the Saudi’s end up owning another team like wet spam and they end up being transformed and new hope. Only MA greed or willingness to sell will be the reason behind us having him here for many more years to come.

    Then you have Simon Jordan, Jim white, Richard keys etc who talk him up and wont say anything negative despite the facts being as clear as day as to him being the worst pl owner. The media should be all over MA like a rash and demand answers rather than accept the rubbish as if it us the norm.

    As all nufc fans I can only hope that we have new owners to look forward to in coming weeks or end of the season.

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:40 PM

    Comment #93


    You should have heard the b*llocking I got from the missus for my language today. 🙂

  • lochinvar

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:41 PM

    Comment #94

    Two areas of concern.

    1. The owner
    2. The Manager

  • Anglo Saxon

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:41 PM

    Comment #95

    Can you imagine in the confessional box father I have sinned I have sworn 500 times, the priest replies Newcastle united supporter yes father priest and yeh wish that fcking Brice would p*ss off.

  • Anglo Saxon

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:42 PM

    Comment #96


  • droppy in Wallsend

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:42 PM

    Comment #97


    It’s like what I said to Dubai earlier today.

    Before a game the excitement just isn’t there any more.

    For 90 odd minutes I kick every ball and live every minute.

    At full time I just find something else to do. It used to really bother me but it’s not the same club now it’s not NUFC it’s SDFC.

  • stan anderson

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:43 PM

    Comment #98

    Cabbage Heed is the biggest cause of my concerns.
    Along with the rest of the yes men who are running our club,or not running it.
    Bring back Rafa and we may survive this season but do it now.

  • dougie

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:43 PM

    Comment #99

    The best thing that could happen now would be relegation.This parody of NuFc to enrich a scumbag like Ashley has to stop and the only way that happens is to go to the Championship for a few seasons where he doesn’t get worldwide free adveraising for his tat shop empire.That is all this club is now,an advertising hoarding for a parasite and NUFC is the host.Anybody that willingly pays money to engage in this abomination are as much a problem as Ashley.Dear oh dear,will the sheep ever understand that they are feeding a parasite.

  • investinyouthtoon

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:44 PM

    Comment #100

    A coiple of things in particular winds me up with Bruce and that’s his pardew type excuses, ie the weather and prevent managers fault and his hiding behind his sons comments to the media.

    Bruce has been here long enough to get rid of Rafa’s rubbish and put his own stamp on the team. If the players aren’t good enough to play his preferred way and Joelinton isn’t a striker, why the heck did he not spend some money in January to buy a striker and rectify things.

  • Anglo Saxon

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:45 PM

    Comment #101

    Essex me, I think joe Linton wouldn’t get a game in any premiership team mate.

  • Jib

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:47 PM

    Comment #102

    I was actually anticipating a half decent game today
    Whether it was down to the horrible weather/conditions
    or something else – the players (esp the defenders)
    seemed not to fancy it

  • Anglo Saxon

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:49 PM

    Comment #103

    Droppy we all do I’m kicking heading wife had to rub my leg, had cramp mate.

  • JackBall

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:49 PM

    Comment #104


    Bruce is not the biggest concern. Sure a better manager will get more results, and safety will be assured again. But do you have any confidence that we will buy and sell smart and improve nest year, or are you like me and believes that the gamble of survival is the only game that will be played.

  • Anglo Saxon

    Feb 22, 2020 at 7:51 PM

    Comment #105

    Jib think you were right for once, it’s the system how to put it right is the problem.

  • lesh

    Feb 22, 2020 at 8:07 PM

    Comment #106


    It really is time you started giving the communion wine a miss.

    And, a word of caution – you might have noticed that your Team Leader, Jiblets, has started to change his tune. Has he been more critical than usual? Has Bishop not paid him because he didn’t meet his performance targets? He seems a tad pi$$ed off after today’s debacle.

    Carry on as you are and it’ll not be too long before you’re the only one flying Brucie’s flag

  • stripes1009

    Feb 22, 2020 at 8:13 PM

    Comment #107

    We need Hayden back in midfield. Longstaff was bullied today and he gave the ball away numerous times. If we are not careful, we will be drawn into the relegation fight.
    Come on Stevie’s sort it out!

  • Munster Mag

    Feb 22, 2020 at 8:32 PM

    Comment #108

    Lesh, you ignorant man, don’t expect me to ignore your bigotry and don’t expect The Wife to ignore it either.

  • Munster Mag

    Feb 22, 2020 at 8:40 PM

    Comment #109

    Betty, if you read my comments carefully you will see they are nuanced and balanced. I would expect you to pick up on that, rather than the less intelligent members. What I said was accurate re Bruce. He did better than we thought and comparably to the great Benitez in that time period. That’s all. I also said I feared relegation.

  • captainmarvel

    Feb 22, 2020 at 8:45 PM

    Comment #110

    To all those that a couple of seasons in the championship would “be better”, total bollox. It could quite easily get worse. We were lucky last time, the players had belief in the manager, next time there will be nothing to stop us plunging even further with Ashley in charge..

  • MagpieRanger

    Feb 22, 2020 at 8:49 PM

    Comment #111

    Enough is enough people

  • 9

    Feb 22, 2020 at 9:51 PM

    Comment #112

    It beggars belief that a player who is quite obviously not up to the role he has been selected for, gets picked every week. match after match he fails to do his job (because he isn’t up to it) and match after match he starts and plays the whole game.Match after match. Incredible. It’s too tough a league to constantly play with 10 men v 11 and expect to win anything. We’ll be starting with 10 men and a passenger for the next match………………….and the next match……………and the next match……………………do I need to go on?


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