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Alan Shearer Gives His Verdict On Completing This Season

As it stands, all signs point to a commitment to get this season completed, if at all possible. A statement from the EPL and comments from FA chairman Greg Clarke express the desire to work with the Government in finding appropriate ways for the game to return.

Alan Shearer recently spoke to the BBC about this pandemic’s impact on football. One of the areas he delves into is whether it’s feasible this season can get completed.

While he concedes that football is not all that important right now, he does think the Premier League has taken the correct steps in keeping their options open. Alan supports the decision to not cancel this campaign until it becomes absolutely necessary to do so.

Alan hopes that this season can get completed, and every effort should be explored to do so, even if that affects the start of next season. However, he does make it clear that football should only return when it’s safe to do so.

Here is some of what Shearer told the BBC:

“Football does not seem important right now, but at the same time, we are all looking forward to the day it resumes again. It will be a sign that life is getting back to normal.

“When it does, I hope we can get this season finished. The Premier League has said that it is going to explore every possible angle to try to complete the campaign and will only look at other options as a last resort, which at this stage is the right thing to do.

“I think everyone is trying to be as committed as possible to getting the season finished at some stage, whether that is in June, July, or August. I hope that will happen, even if it affects the start of next season.

“We have to wait until it is safe, though. And no-one has any choice but to sit tight and wait, because we are all just guessing when that might be.”

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