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And We Are Still Waiting On The Premier League – What Are They Doing?

Last week the Saudis said they will do everything possible to eliminate Intellectual Property theft in the Kingdom.

That was in response to the damning WTO report, and we thought it was all set for the Premier League (PL) to OK the deal and announce the Newcastle takeover had passed the owners’ and director’s test.

But still nothing and the PL have had the takeover documents since April 9th – over 11 weeks now.

So what are they doing?

The Saudis have invested in BT and say they want to stream the Bundesliga and La Liga games, so they seemed to be doing everything to get into the good books of the Premier League.

They will even bid for the Premier League games in two years time, when the contract that Qatar-based beIN Sports currently have runs out.

Ms. Amanda Staveley – in London last week

The bidding for that starts next year.

Journalist Alan Nixon believes the PL are trying to get more out of the Saudis.

Here’s a tweet from Alan today:

Not sure how they can do a TV deal now, and it certainly cannot be for the Premier League games.

It has become a circus and a joke that it’s taken so long to come to a decision.

This could only happen to Newcastle.

But three sayings come to mind:

1) All’s well that ends well.

2) No news is good news.

3) Good things come to those who wait.

Nothing new here, but it has gone very quiet of late.

And that’s always a good time to announce something which has been long-standing like this takeover attempt by the Amanda Staveley consortium.

We live in hope.

But the Premier League have looked very weak and indecisive in all of this.

So what’s new?

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  • Big Archie

    Jun 28, 2020 at 9:06 AM

    Comment #41

    As has been said before – no buyer in the history of the Premier League, having been suspected of committing an act that could disqualify them, has been given the go ahead “as long as they don’t do it again”.

    If the Premier League believe that the Saudi Government, of which PIF is the Sovereign Wealth Fund, are in any way complicit, or even implicit in allowing beoutQ to pirate the Prem, then no amount of promises from the buyers on future behaviour should make any difference to the outcome.


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