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He’s Carried Injuries In Previous Seasons – He’s A Very Good Player For Us

When you a manager, you often get what you expect from a player or employee.

So if you don’t think they are very good, that’s what you get.

On the other hand, if you really rate a player they usually start playing well.

And that seems to be what happened with Jonjo Shelvey under the guidance of Newcastle manager Steve Bruce.

Bruce has always rated Shelvey and Jonjo has played well for Newcastle this season.

It seems that Jonjo has a slight injury at the moment, so he may not start tonight against Manchester City in the FA Cup quarter-final.

This is what Steve Bruce said about the midfielder (shown above) in the Chronicle today:

“He scored the equalizer against Man City.”

“Jonjo is a very good footballer who has bought into everything we’ve tried to do.”

“Physically and the way he is, he has always had a natural football ability because that has come easy to him.”

“It’s the other side we have worked on him physically and mentally.”

“Jonjo has been a very good player for me.”

“Certainly this season he has been very good in general.”

“I only judge him on the performances he has put in for me.”

“I think he has carried an injury in previous times during previous seasons.”

“I don’t think that ever does you any favors and I think he’s learned that.”

“You have to be 100% right.” “Especially a game of this magnitude, against Man City.”

“The sports science is quite incredible now.” “We set him targets to go and hit and improve in training.”

“Jonjo is right up there. Physically he’s put himself in really good condition.”

“He has a bit of a niggle and we’ll see how he is but a fit and healthy Jonjo gives us a very good footballer.”

Shelvey recently signed a new contract that will keep him at the club for another three years.

But if we get new owners, it’s not clear if Steve Bruce will be at Newcastle next season: that’s even if we do very well through the end of this season.

One-third of our fans think we will lose the game tonight.

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  • Kevin Vegan

    Jun 28, 2020 at 2:04 PM

    Comment #281


    Yes mate, we can leave it at that. That means both sides leaving it at that, though. If you want me to not offer my perspective on the takeover, then the fair thing to do is ask everyone else to do the same too. Otherwise all you are doing is shutting down people who disagree with you.

  • Kevin Vegan

    Jun 28, 2020 at 2:09 PM

    Comment #282



    Exactly what Inwas trying to say mate. Do you see why I keep posting about this to counter these lies? This is what I am contending with. I know you’re not my biggest fan, but somebody has to counter this guy’s nonsense or people will actually end up believing it…

  • jimiley

    Jun 28, 2020 at 2:17 PM

    Comment #283

    There are no red flags thats why its only taken 14 weeks for no decision when it should take 4 for a decision.
    So where are we at?
    17 million paid as a deposit which is non refundable and contracts exchanged. Just waiting for the league to approve. 14 weeks.Then the rest of the 380 odd million gets paid on completion.
    Just like when you exchange contracts on a house.
    We have basically reached the stage of a house exchange of contracts.
    And what happens?
    The seller of the house (Mashers and Charmless) decide to buy and sell players and hand out new contracts immediately before the alleged sale goes through. Thats like the seller of the house altering the kitchen and bathroom immediatley before completion.
    Its all utter fantasy and bollix.
    A decision has been made but we have not been told.
    Mashers is staying and Charmless will get an extension.

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