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Newcastle Need A Way Out Of The Ashley Era For Any Hope Of Progress

After peeling myself out of bed this morning, I’m trying to find some positives to write about. The only thing I can muster is that we have a stray cat who’s come around to our new home and I made her a little house yesterday as it got quite chilly last night. She slept there so I’m pleased about that.

That’s it. I have nothing of relevance to this blog that would be in the least uplifting. I really don’t want to be a rage merchant about the state of Newcastle as, to be honest, I’m in the acceptance stage and have moved beyond anger.

There’s plenty of justified fury with what’s going on with Newcastle at the moment. While Bruce has been infuriating at times and Mike Ashley will never change his spots, I find it more and more difficult to blame them.

My contempt is reserved for the likes of Richard Masters and the Premier League, who have kept Newcastle fans as prisoners in this state of woe due to underhanded political motives. Ashley found us new owners and it didn’t suit the Premier League’s vision of the league.

That is what I believe and while there were legitimate concerns with the Saudi-backed consortium, that rarely hindered similar takeovers in the past. So now we are left with an owner who wants to be rid of the club, a manager out of his depth, and a club in freefall. Mainly due to a league that claims to be democratic with its member clubs, but is far from it.

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