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Magpie Delivers Honest Assessment Of Tuesday Performance

After another sorry performance with few positives, Newcastle must once again lick their wounds and prepare for a critical match. With the winless streak now at 8, every match has an increasing importance attached to it.

Next, it’s back to Emirates on Monday to take on Arsenal, who knocked us out of the FA Cup on Saturday. The Gunners travel to Crystal Palace tomorrow to try and stretch their winning streak to five matches in all competitions.

I suppose one positive is the lads will have a couple extra days to prepare than our opponents. Steve Bruce also had six days to prepare for the FA Cup and now he’ll have the same amount of time once again. The lads did play well last Saturday.

Yes, I am clutching at straws to find positives for next Monday. This season’s just a running reel of tedium. Tiresome performances and vows to put it right on the training ground. Rinse and repeat.

There’s one player who has kept his levels high this season. That’s our goalkeeper Karl Darlow, possibly the lone bright spot of this campaign. Darlow has called on his teammates to put it right after Tuesday’s defeat at Bramall Lane.

The Chronicle has published the following comments from Karl, who was once again outstanding in goal for Newcastle:

“Performance-wise we were nowhere near. We didn’t get going, they played the better football before the red card. We need to sort that out. There can be no excuses.

“We need to come here and do the business. Talk is cheap, we need to show more on the pitch that the fans can be proud of. It’s back to the drawing board.

“We needed to put more pressure on, they were fighting for their lives. We haven’t delivered what we said in the changing room, on the training pitch.

“We didn’t get hold of the ball.”

Darlow again made the saves on Tuesday to keep us in the match. However, it was all for naught as his teammates didn’t match his levels. The 31-year-old has won another poll as the Magpie’s best player. He wins it quite easily once again.

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75 comments so far

  • naptoon

    Jan 13, 2021 at 11:27 PM

    Comment #41

    bruce has shown time and again he has a 2 year life cycle and when things go wrong theres no plan b is he blind to what every fan could see b4 kickoff yesterday and how absolutely correct we were proved friggin joke that hes still in a job. if somehow we stay up with bruceless we gotta go for a gerrard, parker type and see if some of their passion can rub off on the team. if we can persuade them to come.

  • Jamesthefirst

    Jan 13, 2021 at 11:31 PM

    Comment #42

    Finally Sky Sports calls out Bruce for what he is. Fantastic article on why the fans are justified in wanting him out:


  • naptoon

    Jan 13, 2021 at 11:32 PM

    Comment #43

    Politicos just want to make sure he can’t win the next election when Biden is 75 and their economy is fonged.

  • naptoon

    Jan 13, 2021 at 11:36 PM

    Comment #44

    Really good article that stats and graphs prove everything as covid proves. He’s about as useful as it.

  • naptoon

    Jan 13, 2021 at 11:40 PM

    Comment #45

    B team on match of the day tonight but gotta admit I don’t mind Micah Richards …. can’t believe the size of him he didn’t put one on ibrahimovic don’t think taikwondo is much use in a brawl.

  • naptoon

    Jan 13, 2021 at 11:41 PM

    Comment #46

    Here we go on match of the day head in hands time wish shearer was on even he couldn’t defend bruceless after that.

  • naptoon

    Jan 13, 2021 at 11:42 PM

    Comment #47

    I’m getting angry watching this shite again bruceless u absolute tw@t frig off out of toon.

  • naptoon

    Jan 13, 2021 at 11:44 PM

    Comment #48

    And Fraser any man who perms his hair on the top and dyes it blonde needs a slap never mind the red card u utter bell.

  • naptoon

    Jan 13, 2021 at 11:47 PM

    Comment #49

    Sheffield united had our best chance with that chested back pass ffs. Watching it twice makes it worse,

  • naptoon

    Jan 13, 2021 at 11:50 PM

    Comment #50

    MOTD calling out bruceless tactics at least.

  • naptoon

    Jan 13, 2021 at 11:53 PM

    Comment #51

    And I’ve ran out of lager and wine to top it off bollix.

  • TomaKaThor

    Jan 14, 2021 at 12:10 AM

    Comment #52

    Sad times when most of realise our best hope of survival is losing enough games for Bruce to get sacked…. I actually have come to despise the man not because of the awful football but because he won’t walk.. He will gladly take us down and pretend that was always at risk(yes with you in charge) .. He is a selfish man, a decent man and a so called fan would do what’s best for the club and go… We have got much worse under him somehow.. He has literally added nothing in a year and a half.. Wtf does this man do in training

    He’s had 100 million of new players fs, he is just literally an awful manager… Saint Max is the only reason we finished where we did last season and that’s nothing to do with Bruce…..

  • RoyalToon

    Jan 14, 2021 at 12:19 AM

    Comment #53

    Bruce will never walk away. Would look like he had turned his back on his boyhood club.

    Cant see where our next points will come from. Poss Crystal Palace. We will get nothing from any games till then but if Palace then beat us that has to be the end.

  • Munster Mag

    Jan 14, 2021 at 12:40 AM

    Comment #54

    Naptoon, sorry you ran out of wine and beer. I didn’t know MOTD was on. Not sure I wud have watched. I can’t remember a worse nufc display, certainly not against a desperate outfit like sheff utd. We need 3 teams to keep being bad but I think Fulham are turning. West brom will improve under Sam. Its up to the players now. They need to find their pride and just do it on the pitch, and ignore the manager. Better hit the hay. 1 Guinness, and saw the end of Vikings. Kinda sad.

  • Just a Fat Dave Bassett

    Jan 14, 2021 at 3:53 AM

    Comment #55

    Fulhams recent results have been good. 7 points behind with a game in hand. The cancelled game was Burnley so one of our rivals will gain on us. Fulhams last seven games theyve played 4 of last years top 6, beating Leicester and drawing Liverpool and Spurs. Only Man City have beat them in those seven games, and they were incredibly unlucky not to beat us. Confidence must be high, and I’m now guessing they will get 40 pts despite their bad start.

    My money would be on them to catch us soon. Their next nine games contain Brighton, WBA, West Ham, Palace and Sheff Utd (with Burnley to be rescheduled). Our games look impossible.

    Last game of season. Fulham away.

    Burnley have their players fit so they won’t go down, so we need to look at Brighton and Palace. Brighton just need a striker.

  • Just a Fat Dave Bassett

    Jan 14, 2021 at 4:01 AM

    Comment #56

    Apart from Ancelotti, Bruce has only managed to triumph over other dinosaurs this season – Dyche, Moyes, Hodgson, and Bilic. Theres not enough dinosaurs left in the league for him to stay up. If we don’t beat Palace when is our next winnable game?

  • Just a Fat Dave Bassett

    Jan 14, 2021 at 4:16 AM

    Comment #57

    Pearson is another Bruce. An old school defensive dinosaur with an abysmal record over the last five years who can no longer get a job in the Championship. We need someone to inspire and lift the players, not a less succesful version of Bruce/ Pardew/ McLaren which will just deflate them further.

    If I was gambling I’d put money on Howe followed by Laurent Blanc, Patrick Viera or one of the Steves. If I was choosing Frank, Rangnick, Rose, Hutter, or Favre.

  • Just a Fat Dave Bassett

    Jan 14, 2021 at 4:50 AM

    Comment #58

    I wouldn’t rule out moves for Van Gaal, Silva (former Everton), or Carrick. They’re all available and are known names so Charnley will have heard of them.

  • jazzyp

    Jan 14, 2021 at 6:52 AM

    Comment #59

    Mickey boy Ashley” So long as you Stave off relegation cabbage head ya job is safe”
    Cabbage head “Cheers boss I knew you would understand”

    This ladies and Gentlemen is the sad indictment we have to look forward to and what is to be achieved. Expectations are that low now as a club we ain’t even worth bothering with

  • Not another deJong

    Jan 14, 2021 at 6:53 AM

    Comment #60

    I guess the real question is how soon can the new owners install a manager of their choice?
    If, as we are led to believe there is an undeniable case for the ownership of the club to be changed, then how soon into the process can decisions over the future be implemented?
    In the meantime the only other alternative is to instal Ben Dawson the Academy Director. He certainly could do no worse, would be a change of voice and have greater impact in training. Plus would not cost anything.

  • toon22

    Jan 14, 2021 at 6:56 AM

    Comment #61

    Nowt will change till the turds gone

  • Not another deJong

    Jan 14, 2021 at 7:12 AM

    Comment #62
  • Mister Tuff

    Jan 14, 2021 at 7:19 AM

    Comment #63

    Brucie seems a bit blasé about the “cushion” below us.

    Cushion is now seven points and two of the teams below us each have a game in hand.

    Couple of bad results and we are right in the relegation group.


  • hibbit

    Jan 14, 2021 at 7:53 AM

    Comment #64


  • jazzyp

    Jan 14, 2021 at 8:10 AM

    Comment #65

    All bruce has to achieve is avoid relegation to save his job is mind blowing.How the hell they attract players without lies and deceitful bs is beyond us

  • Not another deJong

    Jan 14, 2021 at 8:15 AM

    Comment #66

    Now Alan Shearer is a writer, do you imagine he whirls away from the editor with his hand up after submitting a piece?!!

  • DubaiMicky

    Jan 14, 2021 at 8:38 AM

    Comment #68

    Mund’s link in full

    Alan Shearer: Newcastle are a hollow shell and it hurts
    By Alan Shearer 1h ago
    This hurts. It hurts the eyes, it hurts the heart and it hurts the soul.

    Newcastle United are a difficult club; to watch, to be around and to manage and so this is a difficult column to write, because it blurs a few lines in my personal and professional existence. They’re the team I support and the team I played for and now my job is to analyse, to say it as I see it. What I see – and what I feel – is an emptiness, a club that simply exists.

    What I saw against Sheffield United the other night was barely even that. Did anybody check for a pulse? Facing a team that are rock bottom of the Premier League, that had failed to win all season, Newcastle were bloody awful. There’s no getting away from it — that first half was as bad as it gets, compounded when Ryan Fraser was sent off for two pathetic yellow cards, two nonsense tackles. The players have to take some responsibility, but there are no excuses.

    Newcastle remain 15th in the table, eight points off the bottom three. They are in a run of eight games without a victory, a sequence which has seen them get thrashed 5-2 by Leeds United, draw with Fulham, lose to Sheffield United and go out of both domestic cup competitions, including a dismal defeat by Brentford. They have also played Manchester City, Liverpool and Leicester City, but it leaves Steve Bruce under massive pressure from an angry and anguished fanbase.

    None of that helps my own discomfort because the head coach — yes, head coach, not manager — is a friend of mine and the same goes for Steve Harper, the first-team coach. I know the human beings behind the titles and so I know how much they care, how desperate they are to do well, how much they and their families feel it, too. To repeat: Newcastle are a difficult club, largely because of their difficult owner, and if this difficult column has a point, it is to explain that difficulty and put it into context. Like I said, it hurts.

    For those of you who are not Newcastle fans, perhaps you see a club that is relatively stable, financially secure, unlikely to go down, middle of the road. Perhaps you hear all this noise around it, these howls of disapproval at Mike Ashley, at the way the team are playing. Perhaps you read about supporters being permanently in revolt, harking back to other eras, demanding the impossible. And perhaps you ask yourself: what the hell is this?

    The reality is different. There is no expectation of success at Newcastle. We haven’t won anything of note since 1969 and we haven’t won a domestic trophy since the FA Cup in 1955. Jesus Christ — 1955! The “deluded Geordie expectation” is one of those great footballing myths. But this is no longer the same club that I captained, where I played alongside Rob Lee, Les Ferdinand, David Ginola, that was managed by Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby Robson. This is no longer a club of ambition.

    So why the discord, why that noise? And the answer to that is hope. Newcastle supporters want hope. They want a bit of their club back, rather than this hollow, shallow, lifeless, soulless shell. That hope has gone and it has been ground out of them by an ownership that has different thoughts and ideas and different ambitions, if you can call it that. You need something to believe in, to buy into, a grand plan, a dream, a concept. You want it to represent you.

    Newcastle do not do that and it’s probably lost them a generation of fans, people who have thought over the last decade and more, ‘I’ve had enough of this. I don’t enjoy it any more’. All of us know men and women like that. At a club which is known for its loud and passionate support, 10,000 part season tickets were given away last season. I tell myself not to — there is no worth in looking back — but it’s hard not to contrast it with the (relatively) recent past, when a horde clamoured to get in.

    There have been too many bad decisions to go into, but it explains why there was so much excitement about a takeover last year, about the prospect of something, anything, different. Hope will not return — not in any meaningful way — until there’s a change at the top of the club, whose stadium and training ground is beginning to look tatty and old. And because that change did not happen, this season has felt like the worst of hangovers, when everybody is tired and irritable.

    The football, by and large, has followed suit. Newcastle are not a good watch, to put it mildly. They haven’t been for a long while. And so they haven’t changed the mood or the story. Given everything he had to deal with, with the circumstances he walked into — a feeling of depression, a lack of goals, the lack of a striker — Steve deserved credit last season, particularly in terms of where they finished, but it is not a team which provides uplift.

    There should be some mitigation this time, as well — COVID-19, the number of games, the lack of pre-season — and what really irks me is how little protection Steve has received from the people above him. Where is Lee Charnley (the managing director)? What happened to that statement of his where he admitted the error of not communicating with fans? Where is his backing for the manager? Where is the strategy? Come on, Lee, where are you? Where is anyone, aside from Steve?

    I suppose I should clarify this isn’t something I’ve spoken to Steve about and I wouldn’t want to. When we have conversations now it’s not about formations or results, it’s ‘how’s things, what are you up to?’ But I can’t believe he’s having to deal with questions about furloughing staff, giving tickets away, about coronavirus, about a takeover. These shouldn’t be issues for the manager. It’s a tough and lonely enough job as it is. The point is, he’s on his own.

    And this was why I said at the time that I wish Steve hadn’t replaced Rafa Benitez, that I had grave reservations about what might happen down the road. The road leads here. It would have been the same if somebody else had come in and it will be the same for the next manager and the one after that if nothing else changes, because it’s the way Newcastle are built under Ashley. The manager takes it all on his shoulders; a concentration of anger, stretching back years.

    The fact that Rafa left for the reasons he did, tells you what a difficult club it is, but Steve wanted to manage Newcastle and I respected that and left him to it. I can certainly understand it. I had two months in the role in 2009 and my experience of the dysfunction was limited to hearing about how happy they were with me, to making plans for the future, to never hearing back from them again. No phone call, no postcard, no flowers. I can laugh about it now. I wasn’t laughing then.

    I never got to experience their transfer policy or their interesting approach to recruitment; when Steve walked in, Newcastle were already committed to signing Joelinton at a cost of £40 million. That tells you something, too. And it tells you something else that Joelinton and Miguel Almiron — more than £60 million of forwards — stayed on the substitutes’ bench at Bramall Lane, when the team were desperate for a goal and for a win that did not come.

    Once you’re in a rut it’s difficult to shake yourself loose, so there has to be concern about the run we’re on, although I still think we’ll have enough to avoid relegation. The fact I’m even writing that is part of the issue. When Steve said not too long ago that his remit was to keep the team up, he didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know, but hearing it is painful, demoralising, horrible. For a club like Newcastle, just to survive …

    In most regards, I’m the same as any other fan, barring that I’ve got a couple of pals on the coaching staff. I’m longing for us to do well, to bring in reinforcements, for some legs in midfield, for some attacking football, that bit of creativity. I’m well aware that everything I say about the club is magnified because of my history there, but Steve has chosen one life and I’ve chosen another and I also have to be critical and analytical and true to myself.

    Steve did say he was going to take the cups seriously and he has put stronger teams out, but this idea that getting to a couple of quarter-finals should be ranked as an achievement? Goodness me, that’s how it’s bad it’s become. And what didn’t help his cause is that performance against Championship Brentford when Newcastle went out so meekly, with no fight at all. The one or two positive signs — like getting further up the pitch — are blown away.

    When it’s crap I’ll say it’s crap — I wouldn’t be doing my job otherwise — and Sheffield United was a dreadful night. I don’t think Newcastle have a brilliant squad, but for Chris Wilder’s team to have as much possession as they did, to look as good as they did, is not acceptable. It invites scrutiny and invites pressure and it fuels the anger. You have to accept the criticism coming your way and Steve has been in the game long enough to understand that.

    This is not the Newcastle United we all want and this is not the Newcastle United we should accept and that’s why there’s so much disappointment and disquiet and hurt. That’s why the manager always becomes the focal point. It’s a club which has no real relationship with its supporters. It’s a club that’s creaking, that’s existing and very little else. It needs hope again. It needs love.

  • Mund

    Jan 14, 2021 at 8:47 AM

    Comment #69

    Appreciated Dubai

  • lochinvar

    Jan 14, 2021 at 8:53 AM

    Comment #70

    Did we give Fraser a Contract?
    If it was Charmless they should both walk and Bruce.
    And the coaches..
    That’s 5 to go before you start on Ashley, Barnes and Bishop.
    Up to 8 now..
    There’s a few players hanging around who need a change of scene.

    Think it’s called a clear out.

  • Mister Tuff

    Jan 14, 2021 at 9:03 AM

    Comment #71

    That Fraser is quite speedy once he gets going. But in reality he is another knacker who should not have been acquired by the club.

  • Jail for Ashley

    Jan 14, 2021 at 9:16 AM

    Comment #72

    Shearer still loathe to call out his golfing buddy for the mackem Man U chancer he is and telling us that he cares, not an entirely honest article from Big Al there mind.

  • Ron Knee

    Jan 14, 2021 at 9:19 AM

    Comment #73

    “I also have to be critical and analytical…”

    Where’s the critical analysis of Bruce’s strategy/tactics?

  • Jail for Ashley

    Jan 14, 2021 at 9:24 AM

    Comment #74

    The truth about Fraser is that we were the only PL club prepared to pay him a decent wage after his shitehousery at Bournemouth, he then put us through the indignity of making us wait a week while his agent spent ten hours a day everyday trying to find a better deal. He then decided to release a statement saying he’d like to join us because it’s nearer his family in Aberdeen which is over 250 miles away and a five hour drive, not like he can pop to his Ma’s on a Tuesday night for a cup of tea and a biscuit.

  • Mund

    Jan 14, 2021 at 9:27 AM

    Comment #75

    On this day 13 years ago hopefully a nice memory to cheer us up



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