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Young Defender Now Available After Newcastle Missed Out In April

Early this year, Newcastle were trying to get Juventus defender Radu Dragusin to sign a pre-contract as he had just months remaining on his deal. The young Romanian was in high demand with Juventus struggling to convince him to remain in Turin.

Dragusin had made his debut for the Italian giants earlier in the season. However, he made just 4 appearances overall and his prevailing desire was to get first-team football.

In April, Juventus finally convinced the 19-year-old to put pen to paper on a new four-year deal. After the extension was announced, his agent confirmed Newcastle were in contact with his client.

This is what Dragusin’s agent Florin Manea said at the time:

“Yes, I can confirm that we have been contacted by several European clubs.

“Crystal Palace, Newcastle, Leipzig, Wolfsburg, and even Tottenham were interested in the player, we presented the offers to the boy who, however, had no doubts and wanted to stay at Juventus.

“He grew up here, now they know him and he has adapted, Radu considers the club one of the top five teams in the world.

“We are very happy, we waited a while but it was worth it. Radu will have the opportunity to fight with the best in the world, he has a great desire to stay here and will work hard to become the starter in the future. his will.”

There’s news coming out of Italy that new Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri has put the promising young center-back up for sale. Sport Witness have cited a report from Calciomercato that Dragusin is now looking for a new club.

The report doesn’t name Newcastle but with our interest confirmed from earlier in the year, maybe he could re-emerge as a target. Of course, Newcastle’s previous interest may have hinged on him being a free agent this summer. With him signing his new contract, he’ll cost significantly more.

There is no fee mentioned in this latest report but Crystal Palace, RB Leipzig, and Sassuolo are named as potential landing spots. Bruce is looking to add some youth to the backline and while at 19 he may be a bit young for this season, Dragusin could be one to watch to see if he ends up back on Newcastle’s radar.

It looks like Newcastle will lose teenage sensation Bobby Clark to Liverpool. Newcastle have offered the 16-year-old a scholarship but according to Miles Starforth with the Shields Gazette, he’s decided his future lies at Anfield.

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    Magic moments,
    When two hearts are carin’,
    Magic moments,
    Memories we’ve been sharin’ . . .

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    Interesting stuff from KP on the Amigos, you should really listen to it.

  • jane

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    gving people they’ve never met derotatory nicknames is childish.

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    Damn that’s me screwed then ! 😳

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    The Wife

    I am not sure why you feel the need to address your comment to me given the mayhem that often occurs on here ( which I have tried to stop) and the repetitious nonsense and claims directed at other decent posters by another unchecked

    Shame that some gentle ribbing of Jail who can deal out a lot of sarcasm amongst his decent posts seems to have somehow caught your attention

  • Ron Knee

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    How many points for neologisms, Wor B?

  • The Wife

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    The apology examples were aimed at you, since you mused if Jail had ever apologized for anything.

    The rest of it was aimed at those who engage in the behavior I described.

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    Jail this jail that….

    What about all apologies that go his way with not a word back.

    We know the Harrison’s have there favourites and that’s something the blog will have to live with.

    It should be all about equality on the blog but it is what it is

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    The Wife

    In fact as a poster who does not post bile on here I would like an apology for my inclusion in what I otherwise agree with and is long overdue – and I’m not joking

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    I’ve never seen you be abusive ever

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    Well spotted.

    A malapropism would have sufficed, but that takes it off the scale!

  • magscar

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    The Wife

    I in fact humourously mused had he misrepresented me ever!!!

    He in fact genuinely apologised to me years ago for claiming that i was the alt of another poster – which i did appreciate as I hade been very annoyed at it ( the other person involved in spurious claims -still on here never apologised)

    Not a word on here by your goodselves att he time and i had considered emailing Admin at time as i actually care for my good name on here ( it’s all we have) but it is of course regarded as a crime pn here

    Mund maybe right there are favourites on here

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    I’m not going to apologise to you for arguing with you over your utterly bizarre opinions
    The ones you’ve never been able to even explain

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    Ron Knee, WorB

    Deroratory? Alexa’s done well to come up with that one.

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    wasnt gonna say anything but feels as though i have to …

    so we all know know that Jail can get away with his stirring starting crap on here which he has done for years .

    i thought that a moderator was supposed to be impartial ????


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