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Howe On Nutrition – This Is Not Banned – At The Moment

We heard the story that when Aberdeen-born Ryan Fraser joined Bournemouth, Eddie Howe had to wean him off his favorite diet of ice cream and Pizza.

These days, the diet of footballers is really important: to get that extra bit of fitness out of the players, and clubs now have nutritionists on the staff.

Eddie Howe has brought his full team to Newcastle, including a nutritionist.

And he is determined to get the most out of his current squad before the January transfer window, when we hope we can bring in four (or even more) players who have Premier League experience.

And they have to be better than the players we already have – and at least two of them have to be back four players.

Defense is our big weakness, with the emphasis on big.

Eddie has talked today in the Chronicle about nutrition for his players.

They want to get the players as fit as possible, so we are not tired at the end of tough games, which was noticeable earlier this season.

This is some of what Eddie has said in the Chronicle today:

“I haven’t banned ketchup at the moment.”

“I will speak to our nutritionists to see if that’s something we need to do.”

“Biscuits aren’t flying around here, I can assure people of that.”

“There are things we have banned, our sports science team.”

“Historically there were some things I was not happy to see flying around the changing room, some foods thinking back I had to get involved but I don’t want to go into detail on that.”

Newcastle face Arsenal on Saturday in what will be a tough encounter but Howe already witnessed a response from his new team against Brentford.

“Whenever you are delivering something, your expectation is that people respond and look like they are enjoying their work.”

“Thankfully, the players have done that.”

“They have been excellent so far, and I can’t criticize anybody.”

We have to give credit to our players for working so hard in training under Eddie Howe, and wins should come sooner, rather than later.

We hope wins will come sooner, rather than later.


Eddie is trying to get the fans and the City behind the club and so far, he’s doing an excellent job at that.

He’s a truthful, down-to-earth guy, who only wants the very best for our great club.

We’re all for that!

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