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They Seem The Ideal Pair For Newcastle – But Can They Bring Us Success?

A smart person in management knows what they don’t know, and therefore tries to fill that gap by bringing in people who are good at things the manager isn’t good at.

By that means you have most things covered and a strong management team.

That’s management 101, and it’s one of the first things you are taught in management school: only fools think they know everything.

And the more we hear about Eddie Howe’s assistant Jason Tindall, the more he seems to complement Eddie Howe, and it’s no wonder the duo have been very successful working together.

Tommy Elphick is a former Bournemouth captain who trained under the pair, and he has been talking to the Chronicle today:

Here is some of what Elphick told ChronicleLive. today:

“Jason was hugely important, one of the most underrated coaches I’ve had the privilege to work with,”

“He was unbelievable at dead-ball situations and getting you organized for and against set-pieces.”

“He used to do quite a lot of the work with the back four and take us on our own and do extras. He had us very well-drilled.”

And Bournemouth’s former head physiotherapist Steve Hard had this to say about the two in ChronicleLive today:

“When they were players, they weren’t ones who hung out together all the time, but it just seemed to work from day one when they were manager and assistant manager,”

“They’re different characters, which is always good. You don’t want clones of the same people.”

“Jason knows a lot of people and is good around the dressing room and on the training pitch. He’s just an all-round good guy, really.”

“Jason is good at the things that probably don’t come naturally to Eddie so they work with each other really well,”

Danny Hollands played with Howe and Tindall at Bournemouth before the two became coaches at the Cherries.

This is what Hollands had to say about the two:

“Jason is good at the things that probably don’t come naturally to Eddie so they work with each other really well,”

“I think they’re a great partnership. You get some managers who leave a lot of it to their assistants, but Eddie was quite hands-on so he did quite a lot of it at that time.”

“Jason made sure the players were all OK. He’s very good with people.”

So there you have it – three former comrades of the two new coaches at Newcastle, and each gives some positive review of the two working together.

There are two big questions about Eddie Howe and the coaching staff.

Can he save us this season, and we think the answer to that will be yes.

Then the next question is as we get better players in this January and next summer, can he get the side into the top 10 or top six next season.

We don’t know the answer to that, but that’s what the owners will want to see.

If they can do that, they could be at Newcastle a long time and have significant success – just like they had with the Cherries.

We hope they are (very) successful on Tyneside.

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    With your rythm stick !

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    The Kindle Fire does have a slightly different look to it. I haven’t tinkered around with the settings much on mine, but you can definitely change the font and size and so on. It still has the backlighting, which is great.

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    Goals Show on BT sport Is the best football show on the telly box

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    Given your comment about Diane Abbot, it seems you’ve joined some of The Blog’s other great thinkers, among them Dubai M, Tuff and Bettysbollocks.

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