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Report From France Sheds More Light On Ekitike Delay

Tuesday was another roller coaster ride for the Toon Army. News broke that an agreement in prinicple has been reached for Burnley goalkeeper Nick Pope. The 30-year-old is expected to wrap up a £10m move later this week.

On a sad note, Freddie Woodman has officaly departed his home of nine years. The 25-year-old has joined Preston North End on a permanent transfer which is an excellent opportunity for the young goalkeeper.

Some potentially worrying news comes via an update on Hugo Ekitike from The Telegraph’s Luke Edwards. He revealed calls to the player’s representatives have not been returned for the past week.

The 20-year-old is currently on holiday with the move to Newcastle in his agent’s hands. An agreement has been reached with Reims but the striker is being shopped around Europe.

While concerning, this may be the work of his agents trying to get the best move for their client. They could also be looking to cash in on lucrative agent fees which reportedly is a cause of contention with the Newcastle hierarchy.

France’s L’Equipe, by way of Get French Football News, are reporting that Newcastle remain in pole position to land the striker. However, there is growing concern due to the interest of some elite clubs in Europe.

PSG have been linked in recent weeks though they are in the process of poaching Christophe Galtier from Nice to be their next manager. They may not be ready to make a move until the managerial situation is sorted.

L’Equipe also claim Real Madrid see Ekitike as a future star and are considering making a move. Real Madrid have just added Aurelien Tchouameni of Monaco to their impressive group of Frenchman – Karim Benzema, Eduardo Camavinga, and Ferland Mendy.

They also claim Bayern Munich could pounce for Ekitike. Newcastle had seemingly fended off Borussia Dortmund, who have added Karim Adeyemi and are now going for Ajax’s Sebastien Haller, only to now see Bayern move into the picture.

Bundesliga writer Manuel Veth is confirming the interest from the Bundesliga champions. However, it could hinge on Robert Lewankowski landing in Barcelona.

This potentially sheds light on why the move to Newcastle is being delayed. Ekitike’s representatives are exploring all options which may end up with Newcastle moving on to other targets.

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  • Scythe

    Jun 22, 2022 at 1:34 AM

    Comment #161

    coming home
    Jun 22, 2022 at 12:15 AM
    Comment #153

    And by the way I don’t appreciate you shirt lifters calling me sweetheart

    Outright homophobia is still alive and kicking on the blog I see. Had to check the calendar to make sure it’s actually 2022. Just when you think it can’t get any worse on here something like that happens. And just a few posts earlier this is said by the same person…

    ‘You can call me sweetheart all you like no way ill let you kick my back doors in honey’

    What the hell is going on with this blog?

  • TyneMouth

    Jun 22, 2022 at 2:25 AM

    Comment #162

    This blog never ceases to amaze!
    Just when a very interesting and an adult football related debate developed yesterday, ( I’m referring to the healthy exchange of opinions as to the positional titles associated with our midfield players, DM or AM, or Total Mid, etc etc)
    I was almost tempted to post, in spite of being absolutely bored to death by the deluge of spiteful nasty and repetitive arguments.
    I’m an old man, just a few months younger than Paul McCartney! When I was a young lad football positions had different names, mid -field players
    could be called ‘Half Backs’ or ‘Inside Forwards’

    Matt Busby ( Man Utd Manager) was once asked “what position did Duncan Edwards play, ‘Left Half’ or ‘Inside Left’?” Busby replied; “Yes?”

    I think that was the first time I read a Manager’s opinion that a player could be expected to play in more than one position!

  • TyneMouth

    Jun 22, 2022 at 2:42 AM

    Comment #163

    For those readers of this blog who are not familiar wish late 1950’s English First Division football, Duncan Edwards was the very best football player of the post WW2 generation.

    Tragically Edwards died in the Munich disaster. He was an astonishing player. The best player I was privileged to see! ( and I saw George Best)

  • theartfuldodger

    Jun 22, 2022 at 2:59 AM

    Comment #164

    We should dump this Ekitike if he is acting funny…Even if he does well for a year or two he will be off at the drop of a hat to PSG or Madrid…Maybe he is not looking for a project…

  • lesh

    Jun 22, 2022 at 3:12 AM

    Comment #165


    Having supported Newcastle United for over 60 years, that’s at least 10 years longer than you’ve lived, I can’t see what right you have, your temerity, to question my presence on this site. You have none!

  • lesh

    Jun 22, 2022 at 3:14 AM

    Comment #166


    You asked that Adamn et al didn’t refer to you in posts. Look back and you might see that your minder raised your name before they did.

  • Scythe

    Jun 22, 2022 at 3:38 AM

    Comment #167


    I think you’re wasting your time trying to communicate with certain people on here. They’ve already made up their minds about you and nothing you say is going to change that. I know it’s tough to ignore the bating and I really wish there was a feature on this blog to block certain individuals, but it might be best to avoid any exchanges from now on.

    There’s too many cliques on here and despite our supposed shared love of Newcastle United, there’s still differences in terms of how people think culturally and socially. Supporting the same club isn’t going to be enough to get past that unfortunately.

  • Scythe

    Jun 22, 2022 at 3:42 AM

    Comment #168

    Looks like Napoli midfielder Fabian Ruiz is the latest to get his name attached to us, and he certainly won’t be the last! Can’t wait to see who we actually end up with in our squad when the window finally closes 🙂

  • JohnJ

    Jun 22, 2022 at 6:17 AM

    Comment #169


    Jun 22, 2022 at 2:42 AM

    Comment #163

    Duncan Edwards was class1

  • Not another deJong

    Jun 22, 2022 at 6:57 AM

    Comment #170

    So the rules are that allowance has to be made for so called humorous personal comments. But presenting an alternative point of view is discouraged.

    I think I will be limited to emojis as my jokes often falls flat and being agreeable is to demanding.

  • valle

    Jun 22, 2022 at 7:02 AM

    Comment #171

    Everton is now apperently very worried that we will pay 85 million to take their injury prone above average strikker DCL away… Sigh

  • Raj of Hailsley

    Jun 22, 2022 at 7:05 AM

    Comment #172

    Hypocrisy dressed up as banta. Talking about uncomfortable reads 🙄

  • Raj of Hailsley

    Jun 22, 2022 at 7:08 AM

    Comment #173

    It depends on who the alternative point of view is with or who makes it.

  • Raj of Hailsley

    Jun 22, 2022 at 7:17 AM

    Comment #175

    When do we normally get an idea of how much an undisclosed fee was in the region of.

  • lochinvar

    Jun 22, 2022 at 7:41 AM

    Comment #176

    Noone should be paying Everton any money for any player.
    They have broken the FFP rules, rioted and deprived the likes of Burnley and Leeds their PL status.

    The inept FA should still be deducting points so they are relegated. At that point they would then have to offload players. Their ownership and new stadium plan should be forensically scrutinised.

  • lochinvar

    Jun 22, 2022 at 7:51 AM

    Comment #177

    Ha ha. Man Yanks stuck with average players they can’t off load. Bailly, no thanks. Henderson over priced and Ronaldo wants away. De Jong not keen on joining them for obvious reasons

    Manchester United expect France forward Anthony Martial to be at the club next season because of the lack of interest in the 26-year-old. They are ready to accept around £20m for Martial, whose wages are putting off potential buyers, and £8.5m for Ivory Coast defender Eric Bailly, 28, who has been offered to Newcastle

  • Raj of Hailsley

    Jun 22, 2022 at 7:51 AM

    Comment #178

    If Pope comes in we’ll have very quietly spent £25M with another £60M on Botman and Etikite and imo big money on an AM or goal scoring winger. Added to the decent fees paid out for development players then that has to be considered a very decent window. Good money on a top youth keeper would be nice as well.

  • kilcline

    Jun 22, 2022 at 7:53 AM

    Comment #179

    I’m surprised we are not in for Jonathan David given our dealings with Lille.

    Not seen Fabian Play, is he any good?

  • Wor B

    Jun 22, 2022 at 7:55 AM

    Comment #180

    Jail #175

    After someone has made a reasonable guesstimate and it’s been retweeted a few times.

  • Raj of Hailsley

    Jun 22, 2022 at 7:58 AM

    Comment #181

    Wor B,
    Aye not that type, I mean from someone reputable like nufc.com who say something like ” thought to be in the region of……” does that come after next years accounts or does it stay guesswork forever?

  • Raj of Hailsley

    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:00 AM

    Comment #182

    I’m surprised we’re not in for Raphina, £50M and our highest earner on maybe £150K pw. The excitement he would bring on the opposite flank to ASM.

  • Mund

    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:05 AM

    Comment #183

    Fabrizio Romano
    Newcastle are waiting to complete paperworks with Burnley then Nick Pope deal will be announced, Eddie Howe wanted him and the deal is done. #NUFC

    More: Hugo Ekitike deal, still stalling on agent side after agreement with Reims. Real Madrid deny any interest in the player.


    If anyone missed this yesterday, it’s Romano speaking about the way we are dealing with transfers…


  • Mund

    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:07 AM

    Comment #184

    Pete O’Rourke
    Burnley and England goalkeeper Nick Pope is due for a medical at Newcastle today and is expected to seal his move to St James’ Park in the next 24-48 hours. #NUFC #BurnleyFC #twitterclarets


    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:15 AM

    Comment #185

    Neverton are desperate for income to lie about, in the next audit!

  • Mund

    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:15 AM

    Comment #186

    People telling Lesh to ignore the baiting…?


    Honestly people do just pick and choose their moments to say something but act like they are just in their words…

    Lesh is one of the worst for goading people and causing trouble. You either choose to say something at every turn when goading happens from anyone…. Or just shut up

    He went at Jane for years and years while you all say there and let it happen. Disgraceful that not one person said anything but me. Then after getting a slap on the wrist by the Harrison’s he made me his new target.

    It’s what I can’t stand in life when people pick and choose when to be disgusted or angry by something said or done on here but remain silent 99% of the time.


    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:16 AM

    Comment #187

    Could be an attitude issue re: Raphinha?

  • Raj of Hailsley

    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:17 AM

    Comment #188

    “It’s been going on since January with many tweaks these last few months”
    So dragging on since January then.

  • Bills Son Is Back

    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:19 AM

    Comment #190


    I don’t think we can play Raphina and ASM in the same team.

    Neither press well or get back to help their FB’s and that would weaken the press and put pressure on both flanks.

    The only way it would work is if we could control games the way City and Lpool do, with our CB’s and FB’s pushing up high and almost playing as mids. That’s why they can play with Grealish or Sterling and Mahrez and Salah and Mane.

    We are nowhere near that level yet.

    I still think that if we sign the likes of Diaby, ASM could be sold.

  • clinath@ed

    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:20 AM

    Comment #191

    Interesting set of conversations last night lads n lasses.

  • clinath@ed

    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:21 AM

    Comment #192

    Must say, this window has not been as much fun as I’d anticipated. Very frustrating

    Is patience a word?


    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:27 AM

    Comment #193


    Total agreement.


    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:28 AM

    Comment #194


    It’s still r & r time for players mate… it’ll kick in soon.

  • Raj of Hailsley

    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:30 AM

    Comment #195

    I don’t think he’s got one, he seems a very passionate winner.

  • kilcline

    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:35 AM

    Comment #196


    Yes would be very exciting to get Raphina, it would also be nice to gazump Arsenal again and show everyone we mean business.

    I feel once Pope is done, thats the “safe” premiership experience/team morale signings complete, we will turn our attentions to the more exciting signings.

  • Tyran21

    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:38 AM

    Comment #197

    Mund: Guys, don’t believe all these clickbait bullshit

    then proceed to link tons of media bullshit………….

    Just pulling your leg…….lol

  • Mund

    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:39 AM

    Comment #198

    Pete Graves
    #NUFC agree deal to sign Nick Pope from Burnley.
    The England keeper will travel to Tyneside FOR a medical this week ahead of a move to St James’ Park.
    Pope is expected to challenge Martin Dubravka for the number one jersey next season.
    Latest on

  • Sir Pugalot, the Dutch Bulldog

    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:39 AM

    Comment #199

    Just a question, from a Frenchie ~(*not a pug) but…. is the Pope better than Jesus.

    Back off in huff

  • Mund

    Jun 22, 2022 at 8:40 AM

    Comment #200

    Tyran 😉

    The click bait is the spins of different stories coming up with different scenarios of why it’s off or on, then off, then on…


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