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More Good News Being Reported About Newcastle’s Late Transfer Endeavors

There has been more good news about Newcastle’s efforts to sign a left-back before the end of the summer transfer window.

We have been linked with many left-sided defenders, including initially Arsenal’s Scottish left-back Kieran Tierney.

But Newcastle have turned their attention in recent days and weeks to Chelsea’s 18-year-old English left-back Lewis Hall.

News is that Chelsea wanted around £35M for the youngster, who has played for every English youth side through the U21 side.

He seems a prodigious young talent and news today in the Telegraph that Chelsea have accepted an initial fee of £28M for the Slough-born youngster, and there will be add-ons to that, depending on how Lewis does.

Maybe add-ons even up to £35M?

Lewis does not come cheap, but he’s an excellent player who can develop into a top-class player for us on Tyneside.

He is keen to join the club since his parents are Newcastle fans and he has supported the Magpies as a youngster.

This lad is already very good and he played 11 times for Chelsea last season:  Lewis made his debut for the Blues back in early January 2022, during an FA Cup third-round win against Chesterfield at Stamford Bridge.

He’s the type of young talent that Eddie Howe loves to coach, and I am sure Howe knows exactly the areas Hall can improve on if he does sign for Newcastle.

If we can get him through the door, which could happen in the next day or two, it will have been another remarkable transfer window for Newcastle.

We will have signed Sandro Tonali signed from AC Milan for around £52M (Toonali?), Harvey Barnes from Leicester for £38M, Tino Livramento from Southampton for £32M, and now Lewis Hall from Chelsea for (let’s say £32M) for a total of around £154M.

Hall will get a five-year deal so the cost of his transfer is amortized over that time, to help with the Financial Fair Play limits.

The transfers in are amortized over the length of the contract for FFP, but the transfer out we get the full amount immediately: that’s worth remembering.

All four players will be in the first-team squad for next season and with many players much better than last season, like Anthony Gordon, Elliot Anderson, Alexandar Isac, and others, our squad is definitely stronger than last season – and needs to be with all the games coming up.

Here are the lads in training for the tough trip to Manchester City on Saturday.


And last but certainly not least, congratulations to our England Women’s team who beat Australia 3-1 yesterday in the semi-final of the Women’s World Cup to set up a final with Spain on Sunday.

We will be cheering hard for our women to become World Champions – wouldn’t that be something!!


Comments are welcome but please let’s not have any issues, and don’t attack other readers on the blog: I don’t have the energy to do much about anything – including wayward comments – thanks for your help on this!

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  • Sir Pugalot, the Dutch Bulldog

    Aug 17, 2023 at 3:45 PM

    Comment #1


  • cleveleysbob

    Aug 17, 2023 at 3:46 PM

    Comment #2


  • Sir Pugalot, the Dutch Bulldog

    Aug 17, 2023 at 3:49 PM

    Comment #3

    Niafron, correct me but qui means “who”. Which is a bit more subtle eg. Which boat did he take, which team is the best. I can see the crossover, but which is generally correct in your posts.

  • cleveleysbob

    Aug 17, 2023 at 3:49 PM

    Comment #4

    Hi Peter, sorry for interjecting into your conversation with Niafron, I couldn’t resist the little play on words. 😉

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Aug 17, 2023 at 3:52 PM

    Comment #5


    I have tried several times to show you the difference between Quite and Quiet with no success but your English is much better than my French and we get what you are saying so carry on, most of what you say makes sense! 🙂

  • Sir Pugalot, the Dutch Bulldog

    Aug 17, 2023 at 3:54 PM

    Comment #6

    🙂 we are both too old if we remember that.

  • Flurzinho

    Aug 17, 2023 at 3:54 PM

    Comment #7


    Just ignore the ignorant, you have tremendous language skills!

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Aug 17, 2023 at 3:54 PM

    Comment #8

    Does anyone see a problem with the Saudi’s having their national team playing friendlies at St James Park?

  • Sir Pugalot, the Dutch Bulldog

    Aug 17, 2023 at 3:55 PM

    Comment #9

    EGB, exactly what I was saying. Keep on posting. Some WUM’s on here can’t even spell their name lol.

  • bettyswallocks

    Aug 17, 2023 at 3:56 PM

    Comment #10

    Manure will obviously take the decision on a commercial basis not a moral one and they are already preparing their PR with some, apparently as yet , unheard evidence, that they have collected during their own enquiries , that is not yet in the public domain …..
    I think we can all see which way this is going ….

  • Sir Pugalot, the Dutch Bulldog

    Aug 17, 2023 at 3:56 PM

    Comment #11

    EGB yes, I can’t get there and we will put a few extra £millions into the pot. Oh, no problem.

  • Sir Pugalot, the Dutch Bulldog

    Aug 17, 2023 at 3:57 PM

    Comment #12

    St. James’ is a lot of real estate to get circa 25 footie games, 2 days of Rugby League and a handful of concerts per year. Maximise it!

  • Novocastrian66

    Aug 17, 2023 at 3:58 PM

    Comment #13

    EGB; No.

  • rahul_magpie

    Aug 17, 2023 at 3:59 PM

    Comment #14

    Great transfer if confirmed, plus he has also played as a midfielder so a versatile player who will only get better and more valuable in terms of resale value under Howe.

  • Toonarmy of Frogs

    Aug 17, 2023 at 3:59 PM

    Comment #15

    Cheers for the new thread Ed!

    Let’s hope the link transpires and the lad signs…


  • dazzler

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:01 PM

    Comment #16

    TDS from previous,

    They are doing an investigation apparently so nothing can be decided until a recommendation comes from the back of it. However, the statement put out by the club says that they want to consult various people, some of whom are the womens team, and they can’t do that until their international players return from the world cup. That suggests to me that they are probably bringing him back in, and want to make the women aware before it’s all over the media.

    There was some journalist (for the athletic I think) who has more or less said that the club has already decided to keep him, and the manager is happy to have him back in the squad.

  • dazzler

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:02 PM

    Comment #17

    FWIW, I had a look at some Man Utd message boards and they are equally appalled in fairness to them. No doubt they’ll forget all about it the minute he scores his first goal on his return, but for now they are showing a bit of a moral backbone.

  • Pottsclock

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:07 PM

    Comment #18

    Man U will take a massive commercial hit if they bring Greenwood back. And they’ll deserve it. Many sponsors won’t want to be associated with them.

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:09 PM

    Comment #19

    Proud as owt as my Granddaughter got 3 Bs in her A levels and has been accepted into the Uni of her choice, Norwich.

    Marking has been a lot tougher this year so it could have been A’s but she is happy with what she got.

    Not only did she work hard for her results she had a part time job as well.

  • jimiley

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:09 PM

    Comment #20

    This kid is the real deal. In 2 years he will be worth 80 million and playing for England.
    Livramento and Hall are our best full back pairing by a country mile.
    Prob best ever but cannot speak for the 50s 1927 team or the Edwardian greats.
    The manager has a strategy in place for the first time ever. In the past it was marquee 9s and Kev buying a load of forwards.
    Hall and Liv are seriously bad news for Tripps and Dan
    A top notch central defender and we are serious contenders especially if we exit at group stage.
    Get your cash on the Toon for the title before the odds tumble

  • niafron

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:10 PM

    Comment #21

    Lads, i’ve one simple rule, no matter what you know, it’s not even 0,1% of what could be known in this world.

    So don’t be afraid to hurt me, i’m not so sensitive, i’m here to learn, wether it is English or Geordie!

    Well… and to share with you my passion for Football and NUFC of course…

  • Novocastrian66

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:13 PM

    Comment #22

    Manure’s approach while Greenwood was under investigation has been exemplary.
    He hasn’t played for them or, I believe, trained with them.
    Unlike that disgusting club down the road.
    Whether he plays for them again or not is a difficult one.
    If he wasn’t a footballer he will have been allowed to carryon working and keep his job.

  • dazzler

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:15 PM

    Comment #23

    Chelsea fans are convinced Hall wants to play centre mid, and was shoehorned into LB to cover injuries – I hope we’re signing him as a left back (even if he’s a decent centre midfielder), and that he’s aware that’s what we’re bringing him in as.

  • Fenham to Chalfont

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:16 PM

    Comment #24


    I’m sure your good mate from darn sarf can spell tedious. He’s a top salesperson so I’m sure he can spell. You in the other hand, I’m not so sure with you being a dyslexic pooch. Is it a pug thing, along with the other things 😉

  • Munster Mag

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:17 PM

    Comment #25

    Mund I can’t see us going for Silva. Surely a bridge too far ?

  • Munster Mag

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:18 PM

    Comment #26

    Fenners, happy with that Hall news? Serious player!

  • Fenham to Chalfont

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:23 PM

    Comment #27


    Aye mate, he has a huge huge amount of potential with him along with Tino. These 2 have the potential to be England’s fullbacks for years . Eddie is building a strong foundation to challenge the very top elite clubs in Europe for years to come. Exciting times and even more exciting moving forward.

  • Raj of Hailsley

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:25 PM

    Comment #28

    It’s a shame Pope and Wilson probably won’t be about or we could end up with half the England team 2026 WC.

  • Pottsclock

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:26 PM

    Comment #29

    Most Chelsea fans think that central left mid is an election contituency

  • WLtoon

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:27 PM

    Comment #30

    Quite a few of the bloggers on here will remember the fullback pairing of
    Alan Kennedy and Irving Nattrass in the 70`s, for me they were the best full back pairing we have ever had, both were pacy attacking fullbacks who could cross a ball.
    If we sign young Lewis Hall i think the Livramento/Hall partnership could be bloody awesome in one or two years time.
    The thought of possibly the best two young fullbacks in the country tearing it down the wings on the overlap will be a sight to behold and a damn right pain in the ass for opposing defenders.
    As if we aren`t dangerous enough with the talent we have on display now, just wait until the new kids on the block start throwing their hat in the ring, bloody hell, this is getting frightening now mind..

  • Sir Pugalot, the Dutch Bulldog

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:28 PM

    Comment #31

    My algorithm tells me that I have had 3 blocked posts today from posters I I just wiped from the blog. I don’t put them into categories but I suppose I could. Be funny who is the one who pees into the wind the most often.. 🙂 Maybe I will and post the winners list at the end of every month

  • WLtoon

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:31 PM

    Comment #32

    Just goes to show we should take everything Amanda says with a pinch of salt eh, `there will be no more incoming signings`.
    Yeah right Amanda, you were obviously hoodwinking selling clubs into thinking we were done this summer, good tactics actually young lady.

  • Davas

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:34 PM

    Comment #33

    I remember Kennedy and Nattrass. I tink Nattrass would have thrived in today’s game. Kennedy is probably my favourite ever fullback. Seemed to just run through players with his elbows pumping. 🙂

  • WLtoon

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:35 PM

    Comment #34


    Your post about the Toon winning the title may be tongue n cheek but at 16/1
    I am going to nip over to the bookies now with a daft tenner.
    No, i am not getting carried away, but i do have an eye for a good bet when the odds are decent so it`s getting done.

  • Gosforthlad

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:35 PM

    Comment #35

    Mr Harrison, I personally would like to say I admire your honesty.and comments regarding your treatment and current health status.
    My father in law over the past six years has been going through the same ordeal, first diagnosed with cancer in kidney had it removed then found it in bladder had many bladders washes.
    1 year later found in prostate had 3rounds of chemo and radio therapy over the next few years. Last session so weak being constantly sick.
    Last 6 months had pains in his leg turns out cancer is in bone, back to hospital rod in the leg as they were fearful leg may snap.
    Come out of hospital in agony suddenly pain in the back.
    Full MRI scan found to have cancer in t7 vertebrae, scan also showed lesion on the brain.
    Sadly time is running out with nothing else can be done.
    You have to live every day like it might be your last is how I feel with life now.
    Fcuk cancer.

  • Hibbit

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:36 PM

    Comment #36

    i believe Joachim Andersen still tops our list for cb,
    i don’t have clue if circumstances will allow us to get him, but he is the clubs first choice,
    the priority now has to be shifting the deadwood that’s causing the log jam,

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:36 PM

    Comment #37


    Aye, £75m, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • A Geordie Mongrel

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:38 PM

    Comment #38

    Afternoon all. There are some strange days on this blog but yesterday was truly surreal. Cleveleysbob, JohnJ, you are both gentlemen of the first water. Niafron you too but for different reasons. 🙂

  • Lord Scattercash

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:39 PM

    Comment #39

    Ladies and Gentlemennnnn

    Drum roll please….

  • ToonDarnSarf

    Aug 17, 2023 at 4:40 PM

    Comment #40

    Novo – not sure if that was a typo but I’m absolutely certain that I would be sacked for bringing my company into disrepute if they became aware of a video like that one with Mason Greenwood. It’s because decent people would just not want to do business with someone like that.

    I know there are complexities to the situation and maybe he’s showing regret behind the scenes and taking steps to change but that doesn’t help the public perception that a very rich and entitled young man has seemingly got away with a disgusting offence that would ruin the lives of most people.

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